[PDF] The Key To IELTS Success by Pauline Cullen


The Key To IELTS Success provides solutions to frequent IELTS issues and demonstrates how to get the required IELTS score. This e-book seeks to address frequent IELTS issues and demonstrates how to get the required score. It explains why some individuals find it challenging to perform well on the IELTS test.

The Key To IELTS Success

The book dispels the IELTS misconceptions that keep individuals trapped at band 6 and 6.5, and teaches you how to study and practise so that you may finally make progress and get the score you need on any section of the exam.

IELTS test-takers often confront three major obstacles throughout their preparation.

First, many individuals use low-quality, free or inexpensive exam preparation resources.

Second, based on these resources, the great majority adheres to suggestions on how to fast get a high level. This effort to save time and money is futile, since the materials and associated advise do not represent the actual exam, on which the offered “tricks” are ineffective. Consequently, individuals who depend on them stay at the same level and spend an increasing amount of money retaking the exam.

The third concern pertains to language learning. Many of individuals who approach me are self-study students who have never previously studied the language at a high level, and many feel especially stuck in writing.

This IELTS book addresses these three concerns. It will help you distinguish between IELTS truths and IELTS myths, provide trustworthy resources, and demonstrate how to study a language at an advanced level so that you may eventually accomplish your IELTS objective.

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The Key To IELTS Success

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