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Writing Task 2: Major cities in the world are growing fast, as well as their problems.

Writing Task 2:

Major cities in the world are growing fast, as well as their problems. What are the problems that young people living in those cities are facing?
Suggest some solutions.

Sample Answer – Band 8.5

There is no doubt that cosmopolitan cities are facing different issues. Poor housing and pollution are the most dangerous; however, these can be effectively controlled by setting a planned city outside the centre of the town.

On the one hand, firstly, when a large number of people migrate to an urban area, this would cause scarcity of proper houses. In other words, the city dwellers may be forced to live in a cramped space, where they could not have safe water and sanitation facilities. Additionally, the influx of dwellers means the urbanised place is vulnerable to pollution from industries and vehicles. For example, in Mumbai, where, a slum called Dharavi, millions of migrant workers live in pathetic situations, which is often seen as an epicentre of many diseases since most of the inhabitants are living without having basic requirements and this region is highly contaminated as well.

Nevertheless, on the other hand, the above-mentioned problems are significantly diminished, if the government of town makes a proper plan of action to counteract the difficulties. The first and foremost thing is that relocate the industries and multi-national companies to the outskirts of the city. By doing this, gradually and slowly the crow moves to the new location, eventually, vehicles can be reduced. Moreover, For instance, the authority can impose stricter punishment on traffic offenders along with no traffic zone and encourage public transportation can limit pollution for a great extent in this types of the busy part of the world.

In conclusion, even though due to the high volume of inhabitants in cities can lead a ack of housing and increase contamination, this may be resolved by reducing the overcrowding of people and vehicles on the road. It is recommended that every township is needed to plan in order to meet future needs and pollutions.

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Sample Answer – Band 8

In the modern era, the development of the world becomes more sophisticated and gives a great impact to the vast majority of cities. However, the effects of people living in the city are being concerned with many people, which the details of its issues will be investigated here as well as the rational ideas to overcome it.

There are several impacts of staying in the city central to the human life. First and foremost, the crowding of people would lead to the overpopulation in the city, which create the unsafe environment, since, the area is filled with unknown people. By looking at this condition, it could increase the number of crimes that markedly dangerous for most individuals to live there. Furthermore, it is also affecting a traffic congestion that distracts the running activities of society, and another thing such as pollution could be polluted the fresh and clear air. Thus, this will be a serious problem, if it relates to the healthy environment for the inhabitants.

To tackle these issues, the right solutions should come from the wise policy from the government. Firstly, the policy maker has to decide a basic regulation of their society, that is about making a tight decision for newcomers to get permission for living there. As a result, it will automatically reduce the percentage of vehicle users that causes an air contamination. The head of the region could also provide the comfortable public transportations to avoid them from using private cars, for instance. Moreover, the standards of safety should be improved around the living complex or public area. The strict guard from the security department will be effective to secure the big city from criminal actions.

By way of conclusion, although, the major cities provide most benefits, yet there is something that needs to be careful since the beneficial things are not always rendering nice things. As long as the government able to take care these related issues with its wise policy, the dense population, traffic congestion, a great pollution and crime will be reduced.

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