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[Intro Question] Dream job – Animals

12. Dream job

1. What was the dream job for you when you were young?

When I was young I wanted to become a pilot

2. Have you changed your mind on your dream job?

Yes I have changed my mind as it is very expensive to become a pilot and it involves lot of studies. But I still plan to take flying lessons.

3. What do you plan to do in the future?

Personal Answer

4. What kinds of jobs are popular in your country?

In my country computer or IT related jobs are more popular these days because these are well paid jobs.

5. Have you had full­time or part­time job before?

Personal Answer

13. Animals

1. Do you like animals?

Yes, I like animals. I think they are all unique and beautiful creations of nature and form an important part of our ecosystem.

2. What’s your favourite animal? (Why?)

My favourite animal is dog because I think it is the most affectionate and the most loyal animal. Dogs make excellent companions for humans.

3. What’s your favourite wild animal? (Why?)

My favourite wild animal is a tiger because I think tigers are beautiful creatures and they look very regal.

4. Are people in your country fond of animals?

Yes, in my country many people are fond of animals. Many people keep pet animals.

5. Do many people in your country keep animals at home (or, keep a pet)? OR Do people in your country like to raise animals?

Yes, people in my country like to keep pet animals. People keep dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, fish, etc. as pets.

6. What kinds of animals do people in in your county (or, hometown) keep? OR What kinds of pets do the people have in your hometown?

People in my hometown/country have different types of pets like dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, etc.

7. Compared with the past, have there been any changes concerning pets in your country/hometown?

I think the only change I can think of is that the number of homes that have pets have increased. Also, there are many people who have started adopting the stray dogs and cats, instead of buying them from a breeder.

8. Do you think pets are important?

Yes, definitely. Pets act as stress reliever and are also said to be therapeutic. They act as good companions and provide security. They also teach us about responsibility and unconditional love.

9. Do you think cities are suitable places for keeping a pet?

Yes, cities are suitable to keep small pets like cats, smaller breeds of dogs, fish, etc.

Farm Animals

10. What farm animals do you have in your country?

There are many farm animals in my country, like cows, goats, sheep, buffalos, horses, hens, etc.

11. Do you think farm animals are important?

Yes, I think farm animals are important. They are a source of income for many people, especially in the rural areas. They provide us many products like milk, eggs, wool, meat and they can be used for farming, like to plough and till the land.

12.How are these animals used? OR In what ways are animals used in agriculture in your country?

Farm animals are used for their products, like eggs, milk, meat etc. or in the fields to plough and to till the land for the crops.

13. Do you think raising farm animals is important?

Yes, it is important to raise farm animals, as it is a source of livelihood and income for many people living in the rural areas. Also, they provide us with many products.

Wild Animals

14. What’s the most famous wild animal from your country?

India is a diverse country and many wild animals are found in India. However, I believe that the Bengal Tiger is the most famous wild animal in my country and it is also our national animal.

15. What’s your favourite wild animal (from your country)?

The Bengal Tiger is my favourite wild animal.


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