[Intro Question] Family – Friends

29. Family

1. How often do you meet with your family?

I stay with my family. I meet my family members every day.

2. How do you spend the time with your family?

I spend time with family in many ways. We eat together, cook together, watch TV together and do many things together.

4. Do you want to live with your family in the future?

Yes, definitely. My family is my life Even though I go to some foreign country temporarily, I finally want to be with my family.

4. Are you close to all of your family members?

Yes, we are a very close­knit family.

5. How has your family influenced you?

My family has influenced me in many ways. We depend on each other for many things. We guide each other from time to time and we do many things together.

30. Friends

1. Do you have many friends?

Yes, I have many friends, but only a few close friends.

2. How often do you talk to your friends?

I talk to my friends every day. By best friend is also my neighbour. We are together most of the time.

3. How do you communicate with your friends?

I communicate face­to­face and also through cell phone and apps like Whatsapp.

4. What do you think makes people have a long friendship?

Mutual understanding makes people have a long friendship. If people can tolerate each other’s shortcomings and be simple and straight forward, then friendships can be for a long time.

5. Does it make things easier in a friendship if you have similar interests?

Yes, definitely. With similar interests friends can spend time together and not get bored. They will also have similar topics for discussion. In a lasting friendship it is very essential that your likes and dislikes are similar.

6. How do people make friends now?

Now a days, people make friends through internet by joining social networking sites like face book, twitter and whatsapp.

7. Do you think we meet new people differently now than in the past?

Yes, definitely. Nowadays, we meet new people through internet by joining social networking sites like face book, twitter and whatsapp. Earlier, people had lots of free time and they made friends by meeting personally.

8. Is friendship (= are friends) important to you? (Why?/Why not?)

Yes, friends are very important for me. I can share all my feelings with them, and they understand me very well because they are mostly my age.

9. Do you prefer to spend time with friends or spend time alone? (Why?)

I prefer to spend time with my friends. I love their company and I enjoy with them.

10. What kind of people do you like to have as friends?

I like my friends to be honest, trustworthy, helpful and intelligent. I also like friends with a good sense of humor.

11. Do you like to spend time with friends? (Why?)

Yes, I like to spend time with friends because I enjoy their company. I like to go out with them for movies, for shopping and for walks.

12. What do you and your friends do together?

We study together, go for walks together, watch movies together and sometimes eat out together.

13. What do your friends think of you?

(Do your friends think that you are a good friend?

Why?) I think my friends like me. We spend a lot of time together and they never seem bored. I am honest and straightforward with them. So I think they like me.

14. Are friends more important than family? (Why?)

Friends and family both are important. But, I think Family is definitely more important than friends. Friends can turn out to be fair­weather friends but family is always with you in your good times and bad times. It has been rightly said that in prosperity your friends know you, but in adversity you know your friends.

15. How do make friends? (= where, in what situations, e.g. at school & at work.)

We make friends in schools, colleges, while travelling, during family get­togethers, during outings and in many other ways. Now a days making online friends has also become very popular.

16. Do adults and children make friends in the same way?

Adults and children do not make friends and the same way. Children are very innocent and make friends from the heart. They don’t judge a person before making friends. Adults, on the other hand, are very calculative. They make friends after judging whether that person could be helpful to them or not


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