Describe a job you would like to have

Describe a job you would like to have.

You should say: 

  • what it is
  • why you would like to have this job
  • what skills you will need to do this job

and explain why you want to have this job.

Sample Answer :

Being a successful an actor is really a tough task. It requires a special set of skills which majority of the people do not have with them. So, they cannot be actors rather enjoy the performance of the actors. I have some skills that can elevate me to the stage of a noted actor someday. Thank you for the smart question.

It may sound weird to many that I want to be a professional actor. To make it clearer, I want to take it as my job in future. In fact, I have been mulling on the matter for past couple of weeks. I am a college student here in Greece and continuing my undergraduate. After the completion of my graduation, I have decided to participate in professional acting. I will start it by performing arts and then gradually will move for television acting and cinema. Hope I would be successful in my plans.

I have a passion for acting. In fact, I am in touch with the acting from my early age. My dad was a great actor of his days and had taken part in some of the cinemas as well. But did not continue the profession considering some familial issues. It took time for him to grow but the family did not allow him to be with the profession. So, he left acting and joined at a government job. But the thing is not similar to me. I have my complete liberty to do whatever I want to do. My dad is highly supportive of this case. Actually, he is my inspiration in this case. He wants me to be a famous actor across the nation. Moreover, I am attached to a small group of theatre activists in my locality and skilled with the acting basics. This is a plus for me that I will not need to get schooling for acting as many of the artists had undergone.

Acting requires some special skills, particularly the actor need to cope with the situations. S/ he will need to reflect the character of them. Without properly reflecting the character or completely getting inside the character, it is impossible to bring out the real performance. Before performing for any role, most of the artists go through some sort of training to get inside the character. Besides, they need to reflect the expression perfectly so that the audience could get entertained. In fact, acting is an art form. To be the artist, actors need to be skilled and invest a huge amount of time to bring perfection to the character they are carrying on. Imitating is an important skill here. If the actor is unable to replicate the scenarios or any particular situation, it is tough for them to entertain the audience.

Being an actor has some special benefits. First of all, it makes the actors famous in both national and international level. This is the thing I want most. I want to be familiar with people and make an intimate bond with them. By performance, I would be able to reach them and send them messages on issues. On the other side, acting is hazardous as well. Often the artists need to take risky shots and even they may lose their lives. It appears adventurous to me. This type of activities has a different charm to me. They make me thrilled. Further, acting requires lots of concentrations. When you are performing in a crowd, you need to be focused on your role. Such activities help to increase your personal skills like enriched attention, desire to reach goals etc. Considering all the matters, I have decided to be an actor. But I need to wait and cross a long road to fulfil my dream. Someday definitely I will be successful in my journey.

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