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Forecast IETLS Speaking 2023

Practice the topics in the Speaking section is essential for IELTS preparation.
In the article below, The IELTS Practice Online will update new topics that may appear in the IELTS Speaking test from 2023

Forecast IETLS Speaking 2022



Work or Studies

  1. What subjects are you studying?
  2. Do you like your subject?
  3. Why did you choose to study that subject?
  4. Is it very interesting?
  5. Do you prefer to study in the mornings or in the afternoons?
  6. Are you looking forward to working?
  7. What technology do you use when you study?
  8. What work do you do?
  9. Why did you choose to do that type of work (or that job)?
  10. Do you like your job?

The area you live in

  1. Do you like the area that you live in?
  2. Where do you like to go in that area?
  3. Do you know any famous people in your area?
  4. What are some changes in the area recently?


  1. Where is your hometown?
  2. Is that a big city or a small place?
  3. Do you like your hometown?
  4. What do you like (most) about your hometown?
  5. Is there anything you dislike about it?
  6. How long have you been living there?
  7. Do you like living there?
  8. Do you think you will continue living there for a long time?
  9. Please describe your hometown a little.
  10. What’s your hometown famous for?

Home & Accommodation

  1. Do you live in a house or a flat?
  2. Can you describe the place where you live?
  3. How long have you lived there?
  4. Please describe the room you live in
  5. What part of your home do you like the most?.
  6. Who do you live with?
  7. What room does your family spend most of the time in?
  8. What do you usually do in your flat?
  9. What kinds of accommodation do you live in?
  10. Do you plan to live there for a long time?

Evening Time

  1. Do you like the morning or evening?
  2. What do you usually do in the evening?
  3. What did you do in the evening when you were little? Why’
  4. Are there any differences between what you do in the evening now and what you did in the past?

Meeting places

  1. Where is your favorite place to meet with your friends?
  2. Do you think there are some places more suitable for meeting with others?
  3. Are there any differences between your favorite meeting places in the present and in your childhood?
  4. Why are some meeting places better than others?

Old buildings

  1. Have you ever seen some old buildings in the city?
  2. Do you think we should preserve old buildings in cities?
  3. Do you prefer living in an old building or a modern house?
  4. Are there any old buildings you want to see in the future? Why?

Sitting down

  1. Where is your favorite place to sit?
  2. Do you always sit down for a long time?
  3. Do you feel sleepy when you are sitting down?
  4. When you were a kid, did you usually sit on the floor?


  1. Do you have a talent or something you are good at?
  2. Was it mastered recently or when you were young?
  3. Do you think your talent can be useful for your future work? Why?
  4. Do you think anyone in your family has the same talent?


  1. Do you wear a watch?
  2. Have you ever got a watch as a gift?
  3. Why do some people wear expensive watches?
  4. Do you think it is important to wear a watch? Why?


River and Lake

Part 2:
Describe an important river/lake in your country

You should say:
Where it is located
How big/long it is
What it look like
Anh explain why it is important

Part 3:
How can lakes benefit local people?
Do you think rivers attract tourists?
How do rivers and lakes affect local tourism?
Are rivers and lakes good for transport? Why?


Part 2:
Describe a time when someone asked for your opinion

You should say:
Who asked for your opinion
Why he/she wanted to know your opinion
What opinion you gave
And explain how you felt when he/she asked for your opinion

Part 3:
Why do some people dislike giving their opinions?
Are there any apps designed for collecting opinions about products or services?
Why do people like to express their opinions on the Internet nowadays?
What are the disadvantages of sharing opinions on the Internet?


Part 2:
Describe an interesting neighbor

You should say:
Who he/she is
How you knew him/her
What you do together
And explain why he/she is interesting

Part 3:
Do you think people are familiar with their neighbors?
How can people improve the relationship with neighbors in a community?
How do children build relationships with others in a community?
Is it beneficial to get along well with neighbors?


Part 2:
Describe a time you used your cellphone/ smartphone to do something important

You should say:
What happened
When it happened
How important the cellphone/smartphone was
And explain how you felt about the experience

Part 3:
What do you usually do with a cellphone?
What are the differences between young people and old people when using a cellphone?
Which one is more important, using a cellphone to make phone calls or to read messages?
Do you think there should be a law to stop people from making phone calls in public?


Part 2:
Describe a city you would recommend as a nice place to live (not your hometown)

You should say:
What it is
Where it is
What you know about this place
And explain why you recommend it as a nice place to live

Part 3:
Where do people like to live in your country?
Why do many people move to the city?
What are the advantages of living close to the workplace?
What kinds of places do older people prefer to live in?

Busy time

Part 2:
Describe a time when you were very busy

You should say:
When it happened
Where you were
What you did
And explain why you were busy

Part 3:
Are you often busy?
What are the advantages and disadvantages when people keep busy?
Do you think children should learn through playing games or under pressure?
What kind of pressure people may experience at work?

Family members

Part 2:
Describe a family member who you want to work with in the future

You should say:
Who he/she is
Whether you worked together before
What kind of work you would like to do with him/her
And explain how you feel about this family member

Part 3:
What kinds of family businesses are common in Vietnam?
Is it good to work with family members? Why?
Why do people want to do family business?
What benefits are there when working for big companies?


Part 2:
Describe a contest/competition you would like to participate in

You should say:
What the contest/competition  is about
Where the contest/competition will take place
When it will be held
And explain why you would like to participate in it

Part 3:
What are the contests commonly seen on TV programs?
Why are competition shows popular?
What kinds of industries need competition? Why?
Do you think it is necessary to encourage people to compete with others in companies?

Meeting people

Part 2:
Describe a friend you like to talk with

You should say:
Who he/she is
What you like to talk about
Why you like to talk with him/her
And explain how you feel about him/her

Part 3:
Where do young people like to meet?
What do young people talk about when they meet up?
Do you think people should be honest when talking with friends?
On what occasions do people talk with strangers?


Part 2:
Describe a skill that you learned from older people

You should say:
What the skill is
Who you learned it from
How you learned it
And how you feel about it

Part 3:
Why is it more difficult for children to concentrate nowadays than in the past?
Do you think technology will harm children’s ability to concentrate?
What kinds of jobs require high concentration at work?
Can exercise help people improve concentration?

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