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Describe a new skill you would like to learn (Part 2/3)

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a new skill you would like to learn

You should say:

  • What it is
  • Who you want to learn it from
  • How you are going to learn it

And explain why you want to learn it

Sample Answer

As a lifelong learner, I always desire to acquire new skills to become a better version of myself. However, the skills I want to learn do not stay the same, as what I like depends a lot on my mood at certain times. Right now, I am really into learning how to dance.

Right since I was a young boy, I have already loved to move my body to the beat of the music. In the past, I took part in loads of extracurricular activities related to dancing, but I have never taken proper classes. For the past few years, being up to the ears in work, I have had no time to think about dancing anymore. Not until I came across a random clip with such mesmerizing dance moves on TikTok did my love for dancing rise again.

At that very moment, I decided to give learning to dance a go, planning to register for an intensive dance course. What ignited my interest in taking dance lessons not only stemmed from my love for dancing in the first place but also because of the advantages it may bring me. 

Firstly, dancing is such a perfect way for me to resist, reduce and escape stress. Working life can be tricky sometimes, and after such a long day of work, all I need is a class to dance all the burdens away from me. It would, undoubtedly, help me pull myself together, ready for the next day or week. 

Another benefit of dancing would be to improve my physical strength. Dancing means that you have to move your body a lot. This sure contributes to enhancing my flexibility in movements, since certain dance moves may require all body parts to work. Besides, it is also a form of exercise that can help you burn ample calories during the session.

For a person with a sedentary lifestyle like me, I am sure that dancing would definitely do wonders for my well-being, especially when I am under the supervision of experienced trainers. Hopefully, in the upcoming time, I will be able to arrange my overall schedule for some dance lessons. It would be great to be immersed in music and dancing.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Skill

1. What do you think is the most important practical skill? Why?

From my own perspective, communication would be the most crucial skill that we need to work on. Communication plays a significant role in any aspect of life. Whether you are a student, an office worker or a business leader, it will help you develop a stronger relationship with your mates, your coworkers or your counterparts.

It’s the essence of life, allowing us to express feelings, convey information and share thoughts with one another. If one knows how to communicate effectively, he is more likely to win the hearts of others and have the world at his feet.

2. What kinds of skills did people learn in the past?

Well, for me, I think in the past, people placed an emphasis on acquiring essential life skills. I mean, they must have learnt how to perform daily tasks on their own, such as cooking, cleaning or renovating their houses, since there were not so many developments that could be of help to them at that time. As time went by, thanks to the advancements in many aspects, life has been so much easier and they no longer need to overly focus on mastering these skills.

3. Are skills in the past more difficult to learn than today’s skills?

Well, it’s hard to decide which set of skills – today’s skills or ones in the past – is tougher to learn, since it really depends on the nature of a certain skill. Skills that have long existed such as sewing and gardening would require intense practice and physical stamina. However, we all know that people who desire to acquire contemporary skills, mostly related to computing and design, would also have to buckle down, as they take blood, sweat and tears to master.

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