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Describe a public place that you think needs improvements.

You should say: 

  • What the place is.
  • When you visit the place. 
  • What do you like and dislike about the public place 

Sample Band 8 +

I would like to talk about a public place that I think needs improvement. Among the most popular public places where people can socialise and hang out with each other is Dam Sen, an amusement park in Ho Chi Minh city, considered a green oasis located in District 11. 

Last month, I decided to take my nieces and nephews there. The park is comprised of many areas including a roller coaster which, to my surprise, the children eagerly rode. Time just flew by with the kids.

We liked everything about the park except the fact that people were throwing empty water bottles here and there. I felt there should be more bins. Well, to tell the truth, the park is rather old. Sometimes my parents used to take me there in my childhood. However, the park was a lot different from what I could remember. Some facilities at its far end were covered in moss and overgrown weeds. The crumbling walls gave the impression that the area had been abandoned for ages. One day, to our terror, we found some used needles laying amidst the shabby greenery, invisible and able to pierce the common light-weight shoes the children wear. 

I would say that the city authority should encourage local people or voluntary groups to tidy up the park and hire more care-takers to make it a safer and more attractive playground for children. Also, a certain amount of money is needed to install new restrooms and other safety-oriented upgrades like street lighting or warning signs. 

Vocabulary highlights: 

  • socialise:to meet and spend time with people in a friendly way 
  • oasis:an area in the desert where there is water and where plants grow 
  • roller coaster: a track at a fairground that goes up and down very steep slopes and that people ride on in a small train for fun and excitement 
  • eagerly: in a way that shows great interest and excitement 
  • crumble: break something into very small pieces 
  • abandon:leave somebody with no intention of returning 
  • for ages: for a long time 
  • terror:extreme fear 
  • amidst: among 
  • shabby:in poor condition 
  • greenery:green leaves and plants 
  • invisible:cannot be seen 
  • pierce:go through 

Part 3 

  • Are there many public places in Vietnam?
    I guess there’s many public facilities in my country where people can enjoy themselves without paying any fees. In HCM city alone, we can find many parks and public libraries which serve the local people for free. I guess there is a budget from the government for this kind of thing, so let’s enjoy the free services we have. 
  • Do you like to exercise in the public places, such as parks?
    I would say yes; since I am living in the city, parks are seemingly the only place where I can truly be a part of nature. In fact I have this very healthy habit of going jogging in the park every morning at 5:30. 
  • Do older people or younger people prefer exercising in the public place?
    I believe older people like going to the park more than younger people. While old people may consider parks as a good place to do some basic physical activity like going jogging or doing tai- chi, I think the young see it differently. Being relatively stronger and more flexible, gyms are a better option for young people. In fact, virtually none of my friends go to the park to exercise. 
  • What measures should governments and individuals take to keep public places clean? 
    Among many available solutions, I believe the change in people’s awareness would play a key role in improving the cleanliness of public areas. For that reason, it is necessary for the government to carry out educational campaigns to encourage people to behave appropriately, such as putting garbage in the right place, or even organizing events where people gather to pick up litter in public parks or gardens. 


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