Describe a quiet place you like to go to (Part 2/3)

Refer to the sample IELTS Speaking Part 2 with the topic Describe a quiet place below to practice effectively at home and conquer a high band score in the real Speaking exam!

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a quiet place you like to go to

You should say:

  • When you like to go there?
  • Where it is?
  • What you usually do there?

And explain why you like to visit there.

Sample Answer

Today I’d like to tell you about Hoi An, where I went to grieve my mother’s passing. I got to say that it’s the best place to feel great comfort in the peace it provides where I can listen to my inner voice. 

Exactly five months, I badly needed a place to escape and clear my head after months of helping my mother fight cancer, and we lost. Hoi An was the closest place where I could simply hop on the plane, and two hours later, I could be there. So I simply packed my back, booked a ticket, and left Hanoi with a heavy heart. 

Hoi An greeted me with hospitable people and tranquility. I was lucky to go there during off-peak season, so it was less crowded than the last time I went there with friends. It was just what I needed. I aimlessly strolled around the ancient streets and cycled through the countryside alone. I experienced rural Vietnamese living firsthand and saw a lot of lush vegetable gardens, and vast duck ponds.

After Covid, the place was deserted. I talked to local farmers about the pandemic, its effects, and other things in life too. I slowly realized maybe all suffering would eventually end. My mother’s now free from pain and any hardship that we experienced.  

I didn’t know how but two weeks in Hoi An had this healing power that I didn’t know existed. Maybe because the slow pace of life there helps me think clearly, talking to local farmers about life generally, or being close to nature eases my sorrow. So if anyone asks me for a place to clear one’s head, Hoi An is one of the options I would strongly recommend. 

IELTS Speaking Part 3

1. Are there any other quiet places?

The ultimate destination to find peace, quiet, and inspiration is being close to nature. It can be in the jungle, by the beach, to name a few. It does stop there. Parks, libraries, gardens, and churches are all popular places for those seeking solitude.

2. Is it hard to find quiet places in cities?

I don’t think it’s that difficult when you look close enough. You can pretty much find tranquility everywhere you go. The majority of people would think that since the cities are full of crowds so it’s loud and noisy, but I beg to differ. In early morning, it’s quite peaceful when a person strolls in the parks or go to temples. The key is to find a perfect time slot to visit such places. And yet, look no further, home is the place anyone can go to to find silent at some point. 

3. Why do people like to spend time in quiet places?

Quietness helps people find peace of mind and boost concentration. These should lead to  better job performance, and significantly reduce stress, all of which have positive effects on productivity. People can actually reflect and analyse situations in quiet areas. Hardly can you think clearly in noisy places.