Describe a thing you cannot live without (not mobile or computer)

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a thing you cannot live without (not mobile or computer)

You should say:
– What it is?
– How long have you had it for?
– How it helps you in your life
– And explain why you can’t live without it

Sample band 7.5

I’m going to tell you about a thing that has been indispensable for my daily activities. This might sound a bit strange to you but I really can’t go anywhere without bringing my stainless steel tumbler. It was a gift from my best friend on my 22nd birthday, which I have used for almost three years.

I still remember that the tumbler was in a Starbucks’ limited collection and was exactly the one that I desperately wanted to buy but they sold out so quickly. When I received it from my friend, I was extremely surprised and kind of emotional because that showed how my friend cared about me.

To be completely honest with you, I’m a coffee addict, and my brain literally can’t function without coffee because it’s the only thing that keeps me awake and focused. I make my own coffee every morning since buying several cups of coffee on a daily basis would be both expensive and totally not environmentally friendly as they’re usually sold in plastic cups.

Not only does the tumbler have an attractive design but it’s also vacuum-insulated, keeping my drink cold for the whole day, even in scorching hot weather. It also means a lot to me because it always reminds me of my bestie, even though we’re now living in different cities.

IELTS Speaking Part 3

  1. Why are children attracted to new things (such as electronics)?
    Well, because children’s brains are still programmed to learn everything in life, they tend to be eager with all things around them. We all might remember our childhood when we asked our parents a bajillion questions like ‘why can we eat salad but not grass?’. Speaking of electronics, they are very visually exciting, so it’s understandable that those devices often arouse a sense of curiosity for young minds.
  2. Why do some grown-ups hate to throw out old things (such as clothes)?
    I guess this is linked to old memories that make adults feel retrospective whenever they see their old stuff. Especially when it comes to clothes, they are often gifts that someone has received from their loved ones, so it’s really hard to throw them away even when they are worn out. Another reason might be that some people want to lead a ‘zero-waste’ life and try to reuse and recycle things as much as they possibly can.
  3. What do you think influences people to buy new things?
    I personally think that the rampant consumerism of modern society is the decisive factor making people pay too much attention to buying and owning things. Advertisements in the media and promotions from business also compel people to open their wallets to buy new stuff, even when they’re unnecessary.

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