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Describe a time you made a complaint about something (Part 2/3)

“Describe a time you made a complaint about something” belongs to the topic group “Describe an experience” which is a very popular topic in IELTS Speaking Part 2.

Describe a time you made a complaint about something

You should say:

  • When it happened
  • Who you complained to
  • What you complained about
  • And explain why you made that complaint

Sample Answer

I remember making a complaint about a faulty product that I had purchased online a few months ago. It happened in the evening on a weekday when I had some free time to test the product that I had received the previous week.

I complained to the customer service team of the online store that I had purchased the product from. The customer service representative who answered my call listened to my complaint patiently and asked for some details about the product and the problem that I was facing. She then took down my complaint and informed me that the relevant team would investigate the matter and get back to me with a solution.

The product that I complained about was a pair of wireless earbuds that I had bought for a relatively high price. However, I found that they were not functioning properly. One of the earbuds was not pairing with my phone, and the other had low sound quality. Despite trying different troubleshooting methods, the issue persisted, and it was clear that the product was faulty.

I made the complaint because I was dissatisfied with the product that I had received. I had spent a considerable amount of money on it and expected it to work well. As a consumer, I believed that I had the right to raise a concern when I received a faulty product, and it was the responsibility of the seller to address the issue. Moreover, I hoped that the seller would replace the faulty product or refund my money.

Overall, my complaint was resolved to my satisfaction. The customer service team got back to me within a few days with a solution. They offered to replace the product with a new pair of earbuds or refund my money. I opted for a replacement, and the new pair of earbuds that I received worked perfectly. I appreciated the prompt and efficient customer service that I received, which turned my negative experience into a positive one.

Follow-up questions

  1. Have you ever had a similar experience with a faulty product in the past?
    Answer: Yes, I have had a few instances in the past where I received a faulty product. In most cases, I made a complaint to the seller or manufacturer and got a replacement or refund.
  2. Do you think that customer complaints can help improve the quality of products and services?
    Answer: Yes, I believe that customer complaints can be valuable feedback for businesses to improve the quality of their products and services. If businesses take customer complaints seriously and use them to make improvements, they can build a loyal customer base and improve their reputation.
  3. What advice would you give to someone who wants to make a complaint about a product or service?
    Answer: I would advise them to gather all the relevant information about the product or service and the issue they are facing, and then approach the seller or service provider in a polite and professional manner. They should clearly explain the problem and what they would like the seller or service provider to do about it. It’s important to be patient and persistent if their initial complaint does not get resolved.
  4. Have you ever received poor customer service when making a complaint?
    Answer: No, I have been fortunate to receive good customer service in most cases when making a complaint. However, I have heard from others who have had poor experiences, such as unresponsive or unhelpful customer service representatives. In such cases, it’s important to escalate the complaint to a higher authority or use other channels to get the issue resolved.


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