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Describe a time you were surprised to meet a friend

Meeting a friend

Describe a time you were surprised to meet a friend You should say:

  • When this happened
  • Who this person was
  • What you did together on that day
  • And explain why you thought it was a surprise to meet this person

Sample Answer:

I’m working as a teaching assistant at KCenter for about 2 years now. I’d like to tell you about a time I was really surprised to see Lucy – an old friend of mine – giving a demo lesson to apply for a teaching assistant position in my company.

In my company, we have a weekly discussion among teaching assistants. The main purpose of this meeting is to encourage the exchange of ideas among us to come up with practical solutions for different types of problems that our students are having. It’s also a chance for new teaching assistants to prove their expertise by giving a demo lesson. The HR manager will then collect our feedback on the overall performance of a candidate to see if they have what it takes to become an official member of our academic department.

So in a meeting a year ago, I met Lucy – the girl whom I had a secret crush on when I was a secondary school student. We studied in the same class, and I had admired her diligence and dynamic personality from day one. She performed extremely well in pretty much all subjects, especially in English, so I wasn’t surprised when she passed the entrance exam to a prestigious high school for gifted students after that. Then we took different paths, and I thought I’ll never see her again because you know we were not that close. So when I saw her at the meeting, I was really surprised. Of all training centers, she decided to apply for KCenter – where I’m also working at.

I was pretty impressed by her performance. She had a pretty smart approach to a tricky topic. Her demo lesson was of course not flawless , but she definitely showed how far she could go. Hence, a week later we officially became coworkers.


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