Describe a wild animal

“Describe a wild animal” belongs to the topic Animal / Zoo, a topic that often appears in IELTS Speaking.

Describe a wild animal

You should say:

  • What it looks like
  • Where you can see it
  • What it likes to eat or do

And explain why you like it

Sample Answer

I’m going to talk about the elephant. Elephants are among the endangered species nowadays due to their small numbers and the fact that they only give birth to a young elephant every two to four years. People today are putting a lot of effort into fighting elephant poaching and preventing habitat loss, which are two major factors causing the number of elephants to decline.

Elephants are considered to be the largest land animals. They are grayish in color with wrinkled skin and have massive bodies, large ears, and long trunks. Elephants are herbivores and social animals since they live in packs and feed on grass or leaves.

Elephants are diurnal, meaning that they are active during the day and are warm-blooded mammals. Elephants are also a crucial icon in many cultures and a symbol of strength and wisdom. Elephants are also believed to benefit the flora and fauna and balance the natural ecosystem.

Elephants play a vital role in the ecosystem, but now they are facing a lot of human actions that can harm them and affect their lives. It is vital that we prevent elephants, a highly endangered species, from being poached for the unlawful ivory trade.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow-up Questions

Do you think people treat wild animals well in your country?

I think that wild animals in our country have not been treated and protected properly. Poaching and the trade of the ivory, meat, or skin of such animals are yet to be fully addressed. Furthermore, wild animals are living in a polluted environment, running the risk of losing habitat and food sources. If these animals become extinct, imbalances in the ecosystem will have serious consequences. This urgent situation should be made widely known, and actions should be immediately taken to protect wild animals.

Do you think it is important to spend money on protecting rare or endangered species?

Every species has a crucial role in biodiversity, contributing directly to the economy or human society. Animals play a specific role in nature, so if one species becomes extinct, the balance of the ecosystem will be disrupted, and other species will be negatively impacted. Some animals can contribute to scientific experiments or bring economic benefits to countries. For all these reasons, animal extinction will cause huge losses to both nature and humankind. Therefore, investing money in building conservation centers creates favorable conditions for the existence of endangered animals.

What measures might be taken to protect endangered species from extinction?

I believe that the government should take appropriate actions to eradicate mistreatment of wild animals, which is a factor leading to their extinction. Obviously, people’s awareness should be raised on the importance of wild animals to the ecosystem. They should build numerous zoos and conservation centers to prevent such animals from being poached or used for human entertainment. In addition to that, legislation regarding protecting wild animal rights might also be established to ensure that wild animals can live in a safe and stable environment.


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