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Describe an environmental problem in your hometown (Part 2/3)

In the IELTS Speaking test, the topic of “environment” is one of the common topics, so it is important to prepare carefully for vocabulary as well as ideas for answers.

Describe an environmental problem in your hometown.

You should say:

  • What type of problem it is?
  • Why it had happened?
  • How the problem can be controlled?

Sample Answer:

Well, I come from HCM city and I have lived there all my life. Actually, there are a number of environmental contamination problems in this city, especially air pollution.

From my point of view, overpopulation and the unplanned industrialization of this city are the two main causes of poor air quality. More and more people are flocking there in search of job opportunities. This means there are always a large number of vehicles on the road every day and they continuously release a lot of emissions into the environment.

Besides that, to save costs, many manufacturing plants still do not have a reasonable waste treatment system, and most business owners choose to burn waste instead of recycling them, causing a significant increase in CO2 emissions. As a consequence, the number of urban dwellers suffering from pneumonia or other respiratory diseases has been quickly growing in recent years.

However, I believe there are still some possible measures that can help improve air quality in urban areas like Ho Chi Minh City. For example, the government can promote urbanization, so that young people can have good job opportunities in their own hometowns and limit the population explosion in big cities. In addition, the government should also enact strict laws to deal with cases of excessive emissions released by manufacturing plants.

Follow Question – Part 3

1. What kinds of pollution are serious in your country? 

According to my observations, water pollution and air pollution are the two most serious types of environmental pollution in Vietnam today. While water contamination is caused by a lot of factors, such as agricultural operations, the discharge of industrial waste and untreated sewage, overpopulation and the process of urbanization are the two main causes of air pollution in Vietnam.

2. What do you think is the main danger the world faces in terms of the environment? 

Climate change is quite likely the most serious threat right now. It appears that rising sea levels and desertification are unavoidable. Humans will increasingly battle for resources, our standard of living will stagnate and ultimately fall.

3. What examples are there of how we damage the natural world?

There are many examples of how humans are destroying the environment. Manufacturing plants continuously release toxic waste directly into the air and water, which is the main cause of air and water pollution. In addition, many forests have been destroyed for the purpose of agricultural production and timber, making the habitat of wildlife species shrinking.

4. What can individuals do to protect our environment? 

In my opinion, everyone is accountable for the environment as a whole, and there are a few things that each person can do to help solve this problem. Firstly, we can use recycled products instead of single-use products like plastic bottles or plastic bags. Secondly, instead of throwing waste all over the place, individuals may either deposit it in the waste container or bring it home with them.


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