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Describe an event you attended

This article includes sample answer on the IELTS cue card topic:  

Describe an event you attended

You should say:

  • What event it was
  • When and where it was
  • Who else was there

And explain what and how you felt that time.

Sample Answer: Band 8

My neighbor invited me to a meeting at our town hall around three months ago. The local community council organized it so that residents could express their views on a proposed plan to establish a new sports center in the neighborhood. There were around 250 people in total that attended; local government representatives, as well as members of the community. 

It was intriguing since many people had quite diverse perspectives on the matter. Some believed it would be a fantastic idea, while others were completely opposed to it. Some people were concerned that the construction process would disrupt their lives and cause traffic problems, while others believed that the money budgeted for the project should be spent on improving other services, such as the local health center or educational services, rather than providing more sports facilities.

They contended that because the town already has soccer fields, tennis courts, and a swimming pool, there was no need to construct additional sporting facilities that only a small percentage of the community would ever utilize. Spending the money on health care or education, on the other hand, would benefit practically everyone in the community.

Anyway, that was their main point of contention. People who supported the project thought it was a good idea since it would provide a safe area for younger residents to hang out, rather than on the streets. Someone else suggested that if people performed more sport or exercise, they would be healthier and that, in the long run, would be an advantage since they would not need to use health services as frequently.

The event was significant, I believe, because it allowed everyone in the community who was interested to discuss the proposed project, express their opinions, and ask questions directly to the people involved, architects and representatives from the various government departments that would be involved, people like that.

After hearing so many people come out against the idea, I’m sure the local authorities will have a lot to think about. I believe it is critical that those in charge consider the perspectives of those who will ultimately use or not use the facilities, but they will all be paying for it through their taxes.

Follow-up Questions:  Part 3

Do you like attending public meetings?

Absolutely! I love to express my thoughts and points of view about current issues, especially when I think it would help others. I also love hearing what others have to say as I get to understand where they are coming from.

Should children be allowed to attend public meetings? 

In my opinion, I believe that they should be allowed in public meetings, only if the issue being raised would benefit them. I think that it is their right to voice out what they think and feel, and besides, we’ll never know how bright their ideas could sometimes be. However, in situations where the topics being discussed are sensitive and not appropriate for them, they should not be allowed to attend.


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