Describe an important decision you have made

Describe an important decision you have made.

You should say:

  • what it was
  • why you made it and how important it was
  • whether it was a good decision or not

And explain what effect that decision had on you.

Model Answer :

Smoking is undoubtedly a bad habit and I have given it up for the healthy living of myself and my family around three years ago.

I was a chain smoker and used to smoke around three packets of cigarettes a day. I started smoking from my teenage (I was 17 or 18 at that time) and smoked numerous cigarettes before I quit it in my 32. It was a hefty task for me to give up the attraction of cigarettes. But I came to know that cigarettes contain numerous toxic elements and those create the addiction to the tobacco. Nicotine is the most prominent element contained in cigarettes and the attraction of nicotine is more dangerous than getting addicted to heroin. So, I tried my best to get rid of the addiction.

During my cigarette smoking tenure, I was having several physical disabilities. There were few troubles in my respiratory process. Sometimes I felt pain in chest and it appeared that the chest has become congested. Besides, I lost appetite and could not sleep well at night. Whenever I used to wake up at night, I lit a cigarette stick and tried to sleep after puffing the entire pieces but in vain. Gradually the symptoms started bothering me and became the issue of concern to my family. When consulted the doctor, it came out that the troubles were the detrimental impacts of tobacco use. But I did not trust his words and continued smoking again. The symptoms were severe and finally, I had to give up smoking. It was important for me to give up smoking to live a healthy life.

Certainly, the decision to give up the habit was perfect for me. My health was deteriorating and all my family members were worried about my health. Smoking has numerous negatives impacts and I came to know after studying the bad impacts of smoking on the internet. The passive smokers are more affected than the smokers and I thought that I have damaged the health of my wife and kids when I smoked cigarettes before them inside my home. I felt guilty for that. In line with my illness, they also could have developed some other fatal disease but they are fortunately saved with divine blessings.

I am quite fine now. After giving up smoking, I am feeling fresh, and the respiratory disorders have gone forever. Now I have fresh breathing and I do not need to take any mouth freshener before joining any formal events. Besides, the rooms at my home are free of bizarre smells that produced from the cigarette smoke. Moreover, I am saving money, the remaining money that I used after having three packets of cigarettes daily. My family members, especially my daughters are happy now and my relationship with them has become more intimate. Earlier, I did not come into a close contact with them lest they feel the odours emitted from my body due to smoking, but now I do not have such issues to consider before going to them to have fun with different childish ways.

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