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Describe something you would like to do in the future that would be good for your health

You should say:

  • What you would like to do
  • What it would involve
  • When you would like to do it and explain
  • Why it would be good for your health.


Faris: Well. I’m quite fit because I do a range of sports like running and tennis, but. um. I’ve always dreamed of taking part in a triathlon. I really like the idea of that. Um, a triathlon’s a multi-sport event, but rather a hard one.

It basically consists of swimming, cycling and running events, but you have to do them one after the other . you know, there are no breaks, so it would be quite a challenge! You can do various distances for each sport – there’s an Olympic distance, which I wish I could do. but it would be too much for me. However. I think I’m likely to finish if I choose a shorter course. There’s one that’s, um. I think it involves a 750-metre swim, followed by 20 kilometres on the bike and then a five kilometre run. As for when I’d take part in it. I’m not sure. Looking ahead.

I don’t expect I’ll be able to tackle it until my academic year’s ended. That means I’d be thinking in terms of maybe doing it in a year’s time. That would be realistic, because I’d need time to train and really get into shape.

It’s not something that I could do in a hurry! Um. obviously it would be a really healthy thing to do because it would force me to get even fitter than I am now. Plus I’d have to eat well during the training period and get plenty of sleep and that sort of thing. Yeah. I’m actually looking forward to doing a triathlon. I’d really like to do it some time soon and I just hope I’ll be successful at it.

Examiner: Have you always tried to do things that are healthy?

F: Oh. yes – well, probably. I think I’ve enjoyed doing sport and exercise since I was a child. And, er. I also try to eat well and get plenty of sleep.


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