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Describe your house/ Describe your dream house (Part 2/3)

Describe your house/ Describe your dream house is not a rare or difficult topic in the IELTS Speaking test. However, in order to achieve a high Speaking band with the topic Describe your dream house in the real-life exam room, you need to give a coherent, logical answer, closely linked sentences, and vocabulary of the topic. Housing and Accommodation and well-known grammatical structures also need to be used continuously, with variety and accuracy.

Describe your house/ Describe your dream house.

You should say:

  • Where you are living now
  • Where you want to live
  • What kind of home your dream home is

And explain why you think it is your dream home.

– Where are you living now?
+ In a terraced house
+ In the city center of Hanoi, Vietnam
– Where do you want to live?
+ In the heart of Seoul, Korea
– What kind of home is your dream house?
+ A penthouse
+ In a 100-storey building
– And explain why you think it is your dream house.
+ Its fame: it is for the Korean upper class
+ Its view: magnificent with skyscrapers, busy streets and countless cars and romantic with stars in the sky
+ Its facilities: well equipped with cutting-edge technologies and labor-saving appliances, invaluable and luxurious furniture

Sample Answer

Today, I’m going to tell you about a penthouse that I’ve always been dreaming of. Well, currently, my whole family and I have been residing in a kind of terraced house in the city center of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. However, in the future, when I become a self-made billionaire, I’d love to purchase a penthouse for myself. 

I’ve been able to visualize my dream apartment more clearly thanks to “The penthouse: War in life”, a Korean TV series which used to be the talk of the town in the summer of 2021. To begin with, my ideal unit would be the apartment on the highest floor of Hera Palace, a 100-storey building located in the heart of Seoul. This place is considered the accommodation of the Korean upper class. The higher the unit, the higher social status its owner possesses. 

From the top floor, I can enjoy a magnificent view of skyscrapers, busy streets and countless cars. At night, you can admire stars that light up the whole sky quite clearly from a distance, which is kinda romantic. 

As for its facilities, this penthouse is really well-equipped with cutting-edge technologies and labor-saving appliances. Thus the furniture inside is also invaluable and luxurious. 

Well, all things considered, it now becomes understandable why many young people want to become its owner, and I’m no exception.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: House

1. What kind of apartment is the most popular in your country?

Ordinary apartments and studios are the two most common types of apartments in Vietnam. The first one is pretty popular among young married couples who have a certain amount of savings or workers who have a reliable income because this sort of apartment’s prices are not usually budget-friendly, while the latter is increasingly prevalent among university students or those who have a low income due to its affordability. 

2. What are the differences between the houses that young people and old people live in?

Well, there are a number of distinctions between the types of accommodation that the young and the old reside in. The majority of young people these days tend to choose apartments in the city center where their living standards can be improved since these apartments are usually in high-rise buildings surrounded by so many amenities such as shopping malls, supermarkets and entertainment areas.

Meanwhile, detached houses in rural areas seem to be more prevalent among the elderly since when people reach that age, they usually look for a place that allows them to stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

3. What are the differences between houses and apartments?

I’d say there are a wide variety of distinctions between houses and flats. However, the two most outstanding ones are access to amenities and flexibility in design. Regarding the first one, those living in flats tend to have greater access to amenities such as shopping centers, gymnasiums and such like because their flats are parts of modern buildings whose developers have already incorporated these conveniences into their residential area.

Turning to the latter, it is undisputed that house owners often find it easy to renovate or redecorate their accommodation as they have full control over their property. Meanwhile, flat owners are not given that privilege because they usually have to ask for the permission of the building administration team or the building owner when they want to redesign their units.

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