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[Ebook] Check Your English Vocabulary for IELTS

“Check your English Vocabulary for IELTS” is for those who are planning to take IELTS test. The book is suitable for both private study of IELTS and is used for all classroom curriculum. In this book, you will find a range of activities to help build and improve your vocabulary and English skills.


The book’s content is divided into 3 main parts: general English vocabulary, IELTS vocabulary, homework, corresponding to each vocabulary item is a closed module, containing tests.


Part 1 focuses on common English vocabulary. Among them, there are many words related to the requirements, or questions included in the IELTS test (For example, description of how it works, presentation of changes in charts, tables; or for know where everything is and follow the instructions …).
Part 2 provides vocabulary on topics that may appear in the IELTS test (eg Education, Architecture, Family Affairs …).
Part 3 is the answer section, helping learners check their answers. Besides, provide additional specific vocabulary by field, common vocabulary, and other useful words or phrases

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