IELTS GT Writing Task 2: Protecting Wild Animals or Humans (Real Exam/Test)

This is an IELTS writing task 2 sample answer essay on the topic of protecting wild animals or humans.

IELTS Writing Task 2 : Protecting Wild Animals or Humans

Some people think that resources should be spent on protecting wild animals, while others think those would be better used for the human population.

Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

Sample Answer:

There are many who doubt the logic of spending money and time on wild animals when there are so many humans in need. In my opinion, the valid reasons to prioritise humanity do not outweigh the fact that animals more desperately require refuge.

Those who advocate for less aid for animals believe that human life is inherently more valuable. Humans are capable of higher reasoning skills, have more emotionally complex lives, and most importantly, we share a primary obligation to members of our own species. A good example of this would be when humans and animals come into conflict. Recently, a boy fell into a gorilla cage at a zoo and the wild animal was killed to protect the child. There was a large public outcry but only extremists would argue the human should die in such situations. Increased funding for wildlife in effect means reduced resources allocated to charities for the underprivileged and the implicit elevation of animals over humans.

However, the risk to wild animals is pressing and justifies responsible action. Despite the vulnerability of particular humans, nothing imperils humanity as a wholeThis is not the case for endangered animals like bald eagles, cheetahs, lions, and polar bears. They face threats ranging from the impact of climate change to deforestation to poaching. Those are all a direct result of human activity. Without our help, there is a very real chance that some species on the brink will go extinct in the coming decades. Once they have gone extinct, there will be no way to bring them back and this is the existential threat that ought to compel continued funding for programs aimed at wildlife conservation.

In conclusion, thought human life is more valuable, the danger looming for at-risk animals is greater and validates compassionate effortThe longer we neglect animals, the greater the chances of extinction.

Vocabulary – Meaning

  • doubt the logic question the reasoning
  • wild animals animals living outside homes, in nature
  • in need vulnerable
  • valid reasons good justifications
  • prioritise humanity put humans first
  • outweigh more important than
  • more desperately require refuge more urgently need protection
  • advocate support
  • inherently naturally
  • higher reasoning skills thinking ability
  • emotionally complex lives have a range of complicated emotions
  • most importantly the crucial factor being
  • share a primary obligation have an important duty
  • members parts of
  • come into conflict fight
  • gorilla cage where they keep gorillas at a zoo
  • protect keep safe
  • large public outcry lots of people angry
  • extremists people with extreme opinions
  • in effect essentially
  • reduced resources allocated to less money given to
  • underprivileged poor people
  • implicit elevation indirectly raising
  • pressing important, urgent
  • justifies responsible action give good reasons to take steps
  • vulnerability weakness
  • particular humans individual people
  • imperils endangers
  • as a whole altogether
  • this is not the case it is not true of
  • endangered animals animals with low population numbers
  • face threats ranging from are imperiled by
  • deforestation cutting down forests
  • poaching hunting animals
  • direct result caused by
  • human activity what people do
  • on the brink nearly
  • extinct eradicated
  • the coming decades in next 20 – 30 years
  • bring them back return
  • existential threat risk related to their existence
  • ought to compel should force
  • aimed at geared towards
  • conservation keeping safe
  • looming on the horizon
  • at-risk animals vulnerable animals
  • validates compassionate effort justifies caring and helping
  • neglect not paying attention to
  • the longer … the greater the more time it takes, the more harm

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