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IELTS Speaking: Essential Words Part 1

Essential words for IELTS Speaking

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IELTS Speaking Essential Words Part 1

1. Element – a part or feature of something, especially one that is basic or important
Honesty is a vital element in any relationship.
There is an element of truth in what she said.

2. Human nature – a particular feeling or type of behaviour is normal and natural.
It’s human nature to put off doing things you don’t like to do.
It’s only human nature to be worried about change.

3. Green space – any place with grass, flowers, trees, benches or other decorative elements
There is little green space in most developed cities.
green space is vital for health. It can improve stress levels, for example

4. Charisma – the powerful personal quality that some people have to attract and impress other people
• The President has great personal charisma.
• To be a great leader, a person has to have some charisma.

5. Association – a feeling or thought that relates to someone or something:
• The beach has positive associations for me as I used to spend my holidays there.
• Cyprus holds many pleasant associations for me.

6. Conveniently located – easily accessible
What I like most about that restaurant is it’s conveniently located

7. Keep life interesting – make living more enjoyable
I do like to watch some entertaining videos to keep life interesting

8. Work/family commitments – work/family responsibilities
• I don’t have much time to watch movies quite often because of my work commitments.

9. Child friendly – Good, safe and suitable for children
My hometown is an excellent place to raise kids since there’s a nice, child-friendly environment

10. Release stress – relieve stress, let out stress
Honestly, dancing or singing is quite a nice way to release stress for me.


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