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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Boat

1. Have you ever travelled by boat?

Yes, I’ve been on a boat so many times. If my memory serves me well, the first time I ever set foot on a boat was in my first year of high school when my family went on a cruise in Ha Long Bay. It was a truly amazing experience for me.

2. Do you often travel by boat?

Well, not really often, maybe once or twice a year. I live in a mountainous area, so I only got on boats and yachts in my summer vacation when I go to the beach.

3.  Are boat trips popular in your country?

Yes, they are. My country has an extremely long coastline, so journeys at sea are really common. Tourists to any beach always have plenty of options of boats to get on, they are all affordable and offer wonderful sightseeing experiences.

4. Would you like to have your own boat?

I’d love to. I have been dreaming of owning a yacht ever since my first trip on water. It doesn’t have to be a huge boat, but it must be tough enough to withstand the most hazardous weather so that I don’t have to worry about storms when enjoying my journey.

5. If you had your own boat, what would you do with it?

I would go on a cruise whenever I had time. I often picture myself standing behind the wheel of my own boat, discovering the vast ocean and enjoying scenery that could take my breath away.

6. Where in your country do people most often use/travel by boats?

Well, I suppose it is the central part of the country since this region is famous for the long coastlines, which are really convenient for water travel and fishing on boats as well.

7. Do many people in your country own their own boats?

I don’t think so. Boats are often used commercially so most boat owners are fishermen and people who use them for rent. Other than that, I don’t think there are many individuals in my country that are wealthy enough to afford to own a boat themselves.


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