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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Cooking

1. What are some of the things that you can cook?

I am not a skilled cook, I only know the basics, like fried egg and boiled veggies. The sad thing is, I can’t even make these dishes very well. Most of the time, they would be either undercooked or burnt.

2. Do you like cooking?

I am not interested in cooking, nor do I have a gift for it. However, I do enjoy watching cooking shows on TV, Master Chef for example, since I love seeing footage of food being prepared.

3. How often do you cook?

I don’t cook on a daily basis; just when my mom, who is in charge of cooking, is on a business trip. To me, cooking is not a pleasure, but rather a chore, so I don’t do it very often.

4. What dishes are you best at cooking?

I can proudly say that instant noodles is my signature dish. I have cooked it so many times that I know all the necessary techniques to make a restaurant-quality bowl of noodles.

5. Does anyone in your family like to cook?

My mom is very keen on cooking. She loves experimenting with new ingredients and collecting recipes on the internet. Her home-cooked meals are not only full of nutrition, but also appetizing. My brother and I like her cooking so much that we rarely eat out.

6. Do your parents know how to cook?

My mother has a knack for cooking. She always does a good job at seasoning, and her knife-work is no joke. My dad, on the other hand, knows nothing about cooking except for frying eggs.

7. Do you think that it’s important to know how to cook well?

As much as I hate to cook, I must admit that people who can cook well, especially girls, are very charming. It often means that they can take good care of themselves and those around them.

8. Who is the best cook you know?

I don’t know much about the culinary world, so I can’t name any famous chef. To me, the best cook is no one other than my mom. She knows the recipes for almost all dishes like the back of her hand, and her food is always so tasty.

9. What cooking experience have you had?

Like I mentioned before, I don’t cook very often. The only memorable cooking experience I had was when my mom sent me to a short cookery course. I got a minor burn right on the first day, so my mom pulled me out immediately.

10. Who taught you to cook?

My grandmother was my cooking teacher, as I spent most of my childhood in her kitchen. She was skilled at making the dishes not only taste good but also look good. For example, she taught me the art of vegetable carving and table setting, which I still remember clearly.

11. When you were a child, did you ever help your parents to prepare a meal?

Yes, I did, but rather than cooking, I helped my parents with simple chores, like washing the vegetables and setting the table. I enjoyed such times, since it was a great bonding opportunity for my family.


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