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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Holidays & Gifts


1. Do you like travelling?

Honestly speaking, I’m not really into travelling. In fact, I rarely leave town unless there is a family vacation or a company trip. I guess the main reason I dislike travelling is the burden of booking tickets and finding accommodation. I’d rather stay home than go through all of that.

2. What is your favourite holiday?

Of all public holidays, I like Independence Day the most. Vietnam’s Independence Day is celebrated on September 2nd, which is right before the beginning of the school year. Around this time of the year, the atmosphere on the streets is always super vibrant and lively.

3. Are there many tourists visiting your country during that holiday?

As far as I know, there are tourists visiting during Independence Day, but rather than because of the holiday, it is mainly due to the lovely autumn weather in September. It’s the perfect time to stroll around the city while taking photos of the autumn leaves.

4. What do you often do on holidays?

I don’t do much during holidays. Since I’m a family-oriented person, I tend to stay home on these days and spend some quality time with my family. We love hosting big parties and inviting relatives over.


1. Do you like to receive gifts? (Why? / Why not?)

Yes, especially on special occasions like my birthday. I think it’s a way for other people to show their love and respect towards me.

2. What kind of gifts do you like to receive? (Why?)

I don’t have a particular gift that I’m fond of. I love getting surprises from other people’s gifts.

3. What gifts did you receive in your childhood?

The gift I remember the most is a big doll. I still remember vividly my dad gave me that doll on my 8th birthday party. At that time, the doll meant the world to me because it represented my dad’s love for me.

4. Do you like giving gifts to people? (Why? / Why not?)

I only love giving gifts to my relatives or close friends. I consider gifts as a symbol of love, so I only give my love to my loved ones.

5. What gifts did you give to others in your childhood?

Just some non–material gifts because at that time, I only received a little pocket money from my parents. I just could afford some small gifts like pencils, notebooks and things like that.


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