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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Sleep

1. How many hours do you sleep every day?

Well, it actually depends on my work deadlines. I never go to bed at the same time every day. Whenever I work to meet a deadline, I have to stay up until ungodly hours and just get 4 or 5 hours sleep. However, at the weekend, I can let my hair down and sleep in.

2. Is it necessary to take a nap every day?

Yes, definitely. I think taking a nap is a way for people to recharge their battery after working hard in the morning. A 30-minute sleep would be enough to refresh their energy.

3. Do old people sleep a lot? Why?

Yes, I suppose. I mean, somehow these people enjoy sleeping, but in most cases, they have to. When people reach an old age, they often face loads of health problems such as heart disease or diabetes. Therefore, taking a deep sleep is beneficial to their health.

4. How to have a good sleep?

I guess people have different ways to get a sound sleep. But if you ask me, I would say that drinking chamomile tea before you go to bed is really effective. This type of tea will calm you down and let you sleep easily.

5. Do you like to get up early in the morning?

Actually, I’m a night owl and getting up early is like torture to me. I love sleeping in and will never get out of bed before 11 a.m.

6. Can you sleep well if you are in a noisy environment?

Definitely no. To be honest, I’m a light sleeper and noisy places will destroy my night. I may go through a night of broken sleep and feel exhausted the next morning.

7. How many hours do you sleep at night?

I wish I could spend 7 or 8 hours sleeping. But unfortunately, I have to deal with a heavy workload and only get about 4 hours sleep.

8. What time do you go to bed?

Around 1 or 2 a.m. As I said before, I’m always up to my ears in work so I often stay up late to finish my tasks.

9. Do you have a nap during the day?

It really depends. At the weekend, when I get off work, I often take a nap for around 20 minutes before hanging out with my besties. But during weekdays, I’m just as busy as a bee.

10. Do you think sleep is important?

Yes, of course. From my perspective, sleeping plays an important role in people’s physical health. It’s the time for our body to take a rest after a long day. A good night’s sleep also helps us release our emotions and forget all the bad things that happened during the day.


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