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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Children Behavior

Topic : Children Behavior

Speaking Part 2: Describe a time when you saw children behaved badly in public

  1. What bad behavior do children usually have?

As far as I see, the most common disruptive behaviour, normally among toddlers, is temper tantrum. This is when kids are tired, hungry or just frustrated about something, they start to whine, throw themselves on the floor and cry, then scream or even throw their toys. Actually, tantrums can be seen as a common and normal part during some first ages of life, but that can upset parents. Besides, as a child becomes a bit older, they may have some other inappropriate behaviour like telling lies or keeping pestering for the thing they want.

  1. How should parents stop their children from behaving badly in public?

I’m not a parent and I also don’t spend much time with children, so I actually have no experience. Normally, I see many parents pamper their angry kids with toys or sweets. Some choose to scold and punish them but honestly, I don’t think any of them is a good way. Instead, mom and dad should gradually educate their child by talking to them, encouraging them to express their feelings and see what caused it.

  1. Are parents these days stricter than those in the past?

I don’t think so. To my knowledge, parents nowadays are learning to become friends with their children rather than acting strictly like they did in the past. You know, kids are becoming more emotional, every aggressive behaviour from parents can easily make them hurt and depressed. Therefore, many are trying to go easier on their own kids. Well, talking and sharing like friends would be much better for both.

  1. Whose influence on children is more important? Friends’ or parents’?

Well, it really depends on the age of a child to see whether parents or peers will have more influence on them. I think both will be equally crucial in shaping kids’ behaviours. During the first seven years in life, kids are only close to their moms and dads so they learn solely from them regarding their manner, language, habits, things like that. Then when a child starts going to school, he or she spends almost all day with their friends and learns from each other.


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