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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Sports

Topic: Sports

1. What types of sports are popular in your country? Why?

Answer: People in my country love all kinds of sports. However, sports like Football/soccer, English cricket, field hockey, volleyball, badminton and swimming are more popular in my country primarily because there is no age bar or any other kinds of restriction on anybody for taking part in these sports. Besides, playing these sports involves a very little cost, if any at all, and as a result, people can play these sports easily. Finally, successful sportspersons, taking part in these games, generally enjoy a very “glamorous” life in my country which acts as a motivating factor for their fans to watch and play these games even more.

2. What are the benefits of playing a sport?

Answer: Depending on what type of sports one plays, there are several benefits of playing sports. For example, if one plays sports like soccer and cricket, which require a high degree of physical activities, they will help one to remain physically fit and healthy by reducing the possibility having obesity, heart diseases, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Besides, these sports also help people to get rid of depression and other mental illnesses. Finally, game, like “chess”, stimulates the brains which are really good to develop our memories.

3. Do you often play a sport? Why/ why not?

Answer: Yes, I do like to play soccer whenever I get a chance, especially during the weekend, because it helps me stay fit and healthy, especially, when I gain a bit extra weight for my age. Besides, it helps me rewind from the monotonous and hectic schedule of my daily life. On top of that, playing soccer also allows me to socialize with my friends outside of my work life and have some fun with them. And, all these, when put together, help me remain confident and competitive in this modern, tough and complicated world.

4. Do you think the types of sport that are popular will change in the future?

Answer: Yes, it is very possible that the types of sports, that are popular today, would change in the future mainly because we will become even busier with our works, and our priorities most likely would change with it as well in the process. So, the chances are that we will probably play only those sports which require very little time. Besides, the chances are that those sports (ie. video games and computer games), which we are able to play at home with our families, will also become popular in the future. Finally, more and more sponsors and businesses would try to make other forms of sports popular because of more financial gains.

5. How can sports bring people from different countries closer together?

Answer: Sports play an important role in bringing people from different countries together by organizing different forms of international sports tournaments so that teams from those countries can learn about each other and become each other’s friends in the process of playing against each other, but that’s only a part of it. Sports also bring the supporters of one particular country closer to another country because they happen to love the team or certain players of that country due to their great performance in the field.

6. Why are some international sports more popular than others?

Answer: Some international sports are more popular than others because of their long history in our countries as well as because they are more intricately ingrained into our cultures than other international sports. Besides, some sports are not just given the chance to truly shine and show what they are capable of simply because they are perceived to be “not as exciting as others”. Finally, it is so also because the businesses and sponsors keep promoting and “patronizing” certain sports over the others purely because of additional financial gains.


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