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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Topic Cellphone

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Here some examples of follow up questions that you may asked during your speaking part 3 by examiner related to cue card “describe a time you used your cellphone/smartphone to do something important”.

1. What do you usually do with a cellphone?

I use my cellphone for many purposes besides calling and chatting with my friends. I use it for playing games like chess and Ludo, listening to music, watching videos, and for navigation. Above all, I use it for photography.

Answer 2:

Well, the mobile phone is an integral part of my day-to-day routine. To be honest, I like to do different stuff on it. For instance, paying and receiving payments, watching movies, listening to music, playing games, etc. 

On top of it, I use it for sharing my thoughts on social media platforms. That’s how I do multiple things on my mobile; in short, my smartphone is the best technological invention I had.

2. What are the differences between young people and old people when using a cellphone?

Old people mainly use mobile phones for calling and to some extent for chatting. However, young people treat mobile phones like a mini computer. For most youngsters, their whole life nowadays revolves around the mobile phone. They use it for entertainment, for studies, for clicking photos, for shopping, for banking and so much more. The list is really endless.

Answer 2:

Yes, there are a few differences in how young people and others use cell phones. Youngsters are tech-savvy and love to explore and enjoy new or exciting mobile phone features. They mostly use it for entertainment purposes, chatting, playing games and clicking photos. In contrast, seniors are not very interested in various functions; they mostly prefer using cell phones only to make or receive calls.

3. Which one is more important, using a cellphone to make phone calls or to read messages?

I think it really depends upon the person. Some people like chatting, for them it’s about sending and receiving messages, while for others it is about calling.

Answer 2:

According to my viewpoint, both are equally important, either making calls or text messaging. If a person is in a meeting or any other situation where it is not possible to make a call, at that time, text messaging plays an important role, and I believe it is good not to disturb others at that time. On the other side, calling is a better option to convey a message to others in an emergency situation.

4. Do you think there should be a law to stop people from making phone calls in public?

I think there might be emergency situations, where it might be necessary to make calls. So I don’t support a ban on calling in public places but I do think that we should encourage people to avoid calling as it can be really disturbing. I consider audio calls as a sort of noise pollution and it has a serious impact on our focus and concentration.

Answer 2:

Undoubtedly yes, there should be a law for using mobile phones in public places because cell phones create big disturbance and distraction in public. Consequently, most of the time, the number of problems take birth like a road accident or noise pollution etc. so it is the responsibility of an individual to use mobile carefully or for limited purpose in public areas.

5. How has technology made our life easier?

Technology has made life convenient, comfortable, and luxurious in all ways. Because with the help of these inventions now we can do our work within few minutes which took a long time before. For instance, washing machines, microwaves, computers and other electronic gadgets have made hard work very easy and simple. Overall, with the help of it, we can now save our precious time and utilise it for another purpose.


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