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IELTS Writing Recent Actual Test 08/12/2018

Task 1:

The graph below gives information on the performance of a train company in October and November in 2008.

  • Level: Medium
  • Type: Mixed (2 line graphs).

1. Sample:

The two line graphs illustrate the percentage of trains, from a particular company, that were either cancelled or running late in October and November in 2008.

It is clear that the percentage of trains that were delayed or cancelled both witnessed significant fluctuations over the period shown. Additionally, while the highest percentage of train trips were cancelled in October, the highest percentage of trains that were late occurred in November.

In the first week of October, about 20% of all trains did not run on time. This figure then rose slightly in the next week before dropping to about 5% in the last week of October. In contrast, approximately half of all trains were late during the second week in November, followed by a slight drop to 40% in the third week.

Starting at only 1% of total trains in the first week, the percentage of trains that were cancelled reached a peak of 7% in the second week, but later dropped back to the initial figure. There was an increasing fluctuation in this figure throughout the rest of the period, with about 4% of total trains being cancelled in the final week.

(193 words)

2. Vocabulary

  • To delay (v)
  • To occur (v)


Task 2:

Nowadays, most people try to balance between work and other part of lives. Unfortunately, not many achieve this balance. What are the problems of this?
Suggest some solutions to solve the problem?

  • Level: Hard
  • Type: Problem and Solution
  • Topic: Work – Life
  • Keyword: Balance between work and other part of lives; not many achieve.

1. Sample:

Nowadays, most people fail to achieve the Ideal work life balance. This essay will discuss some effects and also suggests ways to address this problem

This issue is often associated with some unwanted consequences. Firstly, having an unhealthy work life balance can have a negative effect on people’s health since these individuals tend to sacrifice their daily physical activities and recreational activities to work. This in the long term will lead to an increased level of stress and stress-related illness. Secondly, work-life imbalance can also give rise to growing problems with parenting. The materialistic society of today drives many parents to becoming workaholics, which lead them to spending less time taking care of their children. Without adequate supervision from parents, children can easily go on the wrong track.

Therefore, some practical solutions are suggested to mitigate the problem. One viable step is that people need to consider and see what makes them happy and then set priorities in life. When they come home from work, they must learn to switch the office button off. By doing so, they will have more time to enjoy leisure activities and refresh themselves. Furthermore, people should plan a flexible schedule for their life. For example, some days, they might focus more on work, while others might have more time and energy to pursue their hobbies or relax with their loved ones. This will enable them to enjoy every part of their life.

In conclusion, work life imbalance can lead to some harmful impacts on people’s health and family, and some steps should be taken into account to mitigate this problem.

(266 words)

2. Vocabulary

  • To achieve the Ideal work life balance
  • unhealthy work life balance = work-life imbalance
  • have a negative effect on something
  • give rise to something
  • The materialistic society
  • a flexible schedule (n)
  • sacrifice their daily physical activities and recreational activities to work (n)


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