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IELTS Writing Task 2: Cities vs Rural Areas

IELTS Writing Task 2: Cities vs Rural Areas

Some people think that cities are the best places to live. Others prefer to live in rural areas.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

There are fundamentally different reasons that dictate whether one lives in the countryside or an urban area. In my opinion, the health benefits of living in the countryside do not outweigh the range of opportunities available in cities.

The chief advantages of the countryside relate to health. City-dwelling lends itself to a more sedentary lifestyle and the threat of air pollution is ever-growing. In contrast, individuals living in the country are much more likely to walk or ride bikes as part of their daily routine. Over time this equates to healthier living habits and can reduce the risk of obesity and concomitant conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Moreover, recent studies have found that worsening air quality in cities and the absorption of microparticles into the lungs is driving up rates of cancer and asthma. The countryside presents an alternative environment where cleaner air can result in both short and long-term health benefits.

Nonetheless, cities offer a wide array of options rural areas lack. This begins with the employment on offer. The vast majority of well-paid jobs are located in cities ranging from doctors to lawyers to managers in companies. Living in the countryside limits one to careers primarily centred around agriculture. Cities also contain a richer variety of educational and cultural opportunities. The best schools are usually found in cities and museums and concerts are rare in the countryside. Take New York City for example, where some of the most famous museums in the world are located next to beautiful concert venues and renowned five star restaurants. This broadens an individual’s horizons and makes cities ideal for both single people and families.

In conclusion, despite the healthier overall lifestyle enjoyed in the countryside, city life allows too many modern conveniences to be ignored. Each individual must decide what they value highest but most should opt for city life.


  • fundamentally different reasons basically differing justifications
  • dictate decide
  • urban area city
  • health benefits good for you
  • outweigh stronger than
  • range of opportunities many chances
  • chief advantages main benefits
  • relate to regarding
  • city-dwelling lends itself living in a city makes you more likely to
  • more sedentary lifestyle less active living
  • threat of air pollution risk of poor air quality
  • ever-growing always increasing
  • in contrast however
  • part of their daily routine something you do everyday
  • equates means
  • healthier living habits doing something healthy everday
  • reduce the risk less chance of
  • obesity getting fat
  • concomitant conditions related problems
  • cardiovascular disease heart disease
  • diabetes a disease from eating too much sugar
  • recent studies have found research has shown
  • worsening air quality more air pollution
  • absorption becoming part of
  • microparticles small bits of stuff
  • driving up rates of cancer increasing the odds of getting cancer
  • asthma a breathing condition
  • presents allows for
  • alternative environment different place
  • cleaner air less air pollution
  • result in so
  • short and long-term health benefits in the near and distant future
  • nonetheless regardless
  • wide array of options many chances
  • lack don’t have
  • employment on offer jobs available
  • vast majority most of
  • well-paid jobs good employment
  • ranging from including
  • limits restricts
  • primarily centred around agriculture mostly to do with farming
  • contain a richer variety have a lot more
  • educational related to education
  • cultural opportunities museums, theatre, music, etc.
  • usually found often located
  • rare not common
  • are located are situated
  • concert venues places for music
  • renowned five star restaurants famous restaurants
  • broadens expands
  • individual’s horizons what you know about
  • ideal perfect
  • enjoyed in that they have
  • modern conveniences that people expect these days
  • ignored not paying attention to
  • value highest consider most important
  • opt choose


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