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IELTS Writing Task 2 : Study (Opinion)

IELTS Writing Task 2 : Study

People say that it is a waste of time for high school students to learn literature such as novels and poems.

Do you agree or disagree with this idea?

Sample Answer :

Some people believe that it is a waste of time for students to study literature in high school. Personally, I couldn’t disagree more with this opinion.

Firstly, there are a range of benefits for high school students who study literature. Studying novels can give students a deeper insight into the history and culture of a particular place or time. For example, although the storyline in many novels may be fictional, the reader can still gain a good sense of the culture and customs of certain places and periods of time, and this is usually a much more entertaining way of understanding history compared to reading regular history books. Secondly, studying literature helps students to learn more about language, which increases their ability to express themselves and communicate with others. This is particularly important these days as the use of the internet and social media has had a myriad of negative impacts on people’s communication skills.

Furthermore, literature is a form of art, and it cannot be argued that the world needs artists to make it a better place to live. Without art, the world would be a ghastly, boring place. I believe that literature should be considered as an important part of any high school curriculum as it helps to stimulate students’ artistic intelligence and provides them with a break from the monotony of logic-based subjects such as math and science. All subjects play an important role in the development of students, and literature is no exception. These days, there seems to be too much attention given to the importance of science and math-based subjects, as they are what many people believe drive a country’s economy, however I believe that art and culture should be considered as important as the economy.

In conclusion, not only does literature hold an important place within a high school’s curriculum, but also within society itself, and therefore I believe it should be held in high regard.

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