IELTS Writing Task 2 : Topic Technology (Opinion Essay)

Some people say that modern technology has made shopping today easier while others disagree.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample Answer:

Technological advancements are considered by some to have positively impacted shopping by making it easier, while there are others who disagree with this. In my opinion, I believe that overall, technology has made retail an easier experience in most cases despite some drawbacks.

On the one hand, some individuals feel technology has made shopping more difficult due to a number of reasons. Although technology has brought about the advent of online shopping, it has also brought about endless options which can lead to indecision and too much time wasted to find the right item to buy. In addition, shopping may be more difficult because when buying certain items online, it may be difficult to gauge the correct size of items. For example, online sales does not allow for fitting before purchase when buying clothing or shoes.

On the other hand, technology has made shopping easier due to convenience. Today‚Äôs technology has brought about a number of advancements such as online shopping, which has allowed individuals who are limited in mobility to buy what they need without going out. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic has made shopping difficult with many in-person stores closed. With technology, people can now order products through the internet without leaving their homes. In addition, shopping is made easier by including delivery. In a traditional store, people need to have some way to transport their new items back home, which may be difficult for those without personal vehicles. Finally, if an individual cannot find what they want in one online store, they can easily go on another website or app to find the product instead of having to travel to another store.

In conclusion, although there are a few drawbacks to shopping online such as endless options and difficulty with sizing, technology has made shopping easier by making it vastly more convenient for people. To conclude, because individuals no longer need to leave their homes and do not have to organize transportation, shopping online is the easier option.

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