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Interesting job you would like to do

You should say:

  1. What is it
  2. How can you find this job
  3. What qualities it requires
  4. Explain why it is an interesting job

● Nowadays, globalization has opened doors for many new, unusual and fascinating jobs for us.

● The job I am going to talk about here is of an event organizer.

● I came to know about this job after I saw the movie Band Baja Baraat.

● Later I came to know that such jobs are very popular nowadays even in small places such as my home town Phagwara.{jcomments on}

● People are very busy nowadays and do not have time to organise family functions such as marriage parties and anniversaries.

● So, they give their budget to the event organiser and he takes over the responsibility.

● When I came to know that I can get paid for this I was very fascinated.

● No special training is needed for this job.

● With every event you organise, you learn something new and your confidence grows.

● You need to have contacts with various people who do the catering and decorations.

● You even organise the DJ and the orchestra.

● The most enjoyable part of this job is that you get to attend all the parties and meet new people.

● Actually I am very fond of organising such functions.

● Whenever there is any function in the family, I do all the planning.

● I note down everything to the smallest detail and then distribute duties to the family members.

● I remember, once my cousin’s marriage was fixed and all the arrangements were to be done within a week.

● I took over the charge and everything took place perfectly.

● My parents were also surprised at the way I organised it all.

● I am sure, I have a future in this job.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. Is it hard to find an interesting job in India?

Yes , India already has a high unemployment rate. There are limited jobs available in India, so it is difficult to find job of one’s choice.

2. What kinds of preparation should people do for a job interview?

People should prepare thoroughly on the skill they are being interview for, so that they are able to answer all the questions. They should also practice mock interviews with others so that they can answer with confidence during the interview.

3. Why do some people keep changing their jobs?

People keep changing jobs mainly because of 2 reasons. First purpose is monetary, when people switch jobs they get good salary hikes. Secondly it gives them a chance to grow, take new positions and breaks the monotony of previous job

4. What should a good employer do?

A good employer should treat his employees like he treats his customers. In that way the employees will always respect him and do their work diligently.

5. How would you define an interesting job?

An interesting job for me should be something that is challenging and brings the creativity out of a person. Jobs which offer me problems that I can solve and make world a better place are interesting jobs for me.


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