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Linking words – Phrases in IELTS Writing

1. Beginning of a Sentence

  • In my opinion……
  • As far as I am concerned…..
  • My opinion is that…..
  • In my view…..
  • I believe…..
  • Apparently…..
  • Personally 
  • According to me…..
  • From my point of view…..
  • From my perspective…..
  • To my way of thinking…..
  • It seems to me that…..
  • It appears that…..
  • I feel that…..
  • I understand…..
  • I suppose…..

– Example:

  • It is generally believed that children nowadays are granted more freedom than those in the past.
  • From my perspective, the drawbacks of this trend totally overshadow its merits.
  • Personally, I believe that this can have a number of detrimental impacts on young people and the society they live in.

2. Used in the Idea development

– Idea 1

  • It is true that…..
  • First of all…..
  • Firstly…..
  • Initially…..
  • To begin with…..
  • To start with…..
  • In the first place…..
  • Though it is true that…..
  • Some people believe that…..
  • Many people think that…..
  • According to many…..
  • Some people believe that…..
  • Many support the view that…..
  • On the one hand…..

– Example:

  • To begin with, private healthcare insurance is very costly and many people simply cannot afford it
  • It is true that most individuals, especially teenagers, often use informal language with several emoticons when communicating on social networking. 
  • Firstly, students who study online do not develop comprehensively in the way that other students who attend classes at school do
  • Initially, students choose the environment where they can best cultivate their skills and abilities.

– Idea 2 &3 & 4,…

  • Secondly…..
  • Thirdly…..
  • Additionally…..
  • After that…..
  • More importantly…..
  • Besides…..
  • Likewise…..
  • In addition…..
  • Consequently…..
  • Furthermore…..
  • Moreover…..
  • Other people think that…..
  • Other people believe that…..
  • On the other hand….
  • Not only….but also
  • According to experts
  • There are those who argue that

– Example:

  • Additionally, this solution could easily trigger social disagreement and resentment
  • In addition to this, the disposal of waste, especially plastic waste which emits toxic fumes if burned, should be closely regulated and monitored
  • Consequently, their ability to read and write in situations that require formality is greatly reduced.

3. Used in the conclusion

  • In conclusion…..
  • In summary…..
  • To conclude with…..
  • In general…..
  • To summarize…..
  • In short…..
  • Finally
  • To my view

– Example:

  • In conclusion, although social media has brought some benefits for society, the drawbacks of overusing such advanced technology to replace real-life communication is much more significant.
  • Finally, the figures for both genders in the 40-45 age group remained relatively unchanged over the examined period.
  • To conclude, the workplace can definitely bring many great social opportunities. The public therefore should start to consider companies and corporations more than just places to make a living.


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