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Listening Full Test 10 - Section 1

Questions 1-10

Complete the form below.

write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.



You will hear a conversation between a customer and a booking officer at a theatre.

F: Hello, Theatre Royal Plymouth.
M: Oh hello – I’d like to make a booking, please.
F: Yes. What is it you want to see?
M: Friday the 25th.
F: Right. And which day did you want to come?
M: The Impostor.
F: Just a moment and I’ll check availability on the computer. Oh, sorry, we’re fully booked for that performance.
M: Oh dear. What about the fol owing day then?
F: The 26th? Yes, that’s OK. We’ve got two performances on that day, one at 3.30 and one at 7. Which would you prefer?
M: Oh, the later one, pease.
F: Are there any concessions, any children?
M: Wel, there are four of us.
F: How many people?
M: I’m not sure. My daughters are 15 and 12. Do they get concessions?
F: Only the 12-year-od I’m afraid. So that’s one child and three adults. Any idea where you’d like to sit? Stalls or circle?
M: Er.
F: Tickets for the stalls are a bit more expensive – £12 for adults and £8.50 for children. The circe costs £1050 and £6.50.
M: Do you get a good view from the circle?
F: Oh, yes. And in fact we’ve got some seats left at the front, if you’d like those.
M: Right, we’ll go for those then.
F: Right. That’s seats A 21 to 24 then. They’re very good seats.
M: That sounds fine.
F: So let’s see. That comes to £38 atogether for the tickets. How do you want to collect them? Shall I put them in the post? They’d be sent today by first class mail, and there’d be an additional charge of £1 to cover postage and administration. Or do you want to get them from the box office yourself?
M: Oh yes. Could you send them pease?
F: No problem. That’ l be £39 altogether. Could I just take your card details? What kind of card s it? Visa? Switch?
F: OK. And the number?

M: N for never’.
F: N for never’ or M for ‘mother’?
M: It’s Mr J Whitton – W-H-l-doubleT-0-N.
F: 28 double 9. OK. And the name on the card please?
It’s 3290 5876 4401 2899.
F: Thank you. And now, I’ve nearly finished, but I just need your address and post code.
F: And the post code?
M: London.
F: OK. Is that Plymouth?
M: Yes. It’s 42 South Street.
M: t’s SW2 5GE.
F: That’s fine then. The tickets shoud be with you tomorrow. Is there anything else I can do for you?
M: Yes. I was wondering if I could get regular nformation about what’s on.
F: Certainly. I can just add your name to our maiing list. Would that be OK?
M: That would be very good. Yes pease. Oh, and there s something else, sorry. One of our group is hard of hearing
and I’ve heard that you can supply special headphones.
F: That’s r ght. As long as you tell us in advance, we can aways do that. I’ll book those for you now, and you can just colect them from the box office before the show.
M: Thanks very much for your help.
F: No problem. Thank you for calling.
M: Thank you. Bye.


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