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About makkar IELTS practice material :

makkar IELTS material is one of the best content for practicing the IELTS exam. Students can easily understand the pattern of the whole IELTS exam with the help of makkar books. There are books on all modules of the IELTS exam, which have been proved very beneficial for the IELTS students.

Author of makkar all books:

Dr Kiran Preet Kaur makkar writes all the papers of makkar IELTS. makkar IELTS all books are published by makkar publishing house. There is an official makar IELTS website ““, where you get latest updates from them. There is also a youtube channel where all-new material and information is shared.

List of Makkar ielts all Books:

Get ready to know all about the books of makkar IELTS. There is a total of 6 books. Four books are for academic students and two books for General training students. Below is the list of makkar all books with description and download links:

1. Makkar IELTS Graphs from past exams:

The makkar IELTS graphs from past exams are for IELTS academic students. This book is best for practicing writing task one module. All the rules to perform and write diagrams are mentioned and well explained in this book. makkar IELTS graphs from past exams contain more than 200 diagrams from previous reviews. 

2. Makkar IELTS Academic essays from past exams:

Makkar IELTS essays from past exams also for academic students. Writing task two is a challenging module in the IELTS exam. Students need to do a lot of hard work to achieve a good band score in this module, Makkar essays book is specially designed to aid students for writing task two. Students can learn a wide range of new vocabulary and take ideas from this book, and this book is enough for practising writing task 2.

3. Makkar IELTS academic reading volume one:

 This book contains 20 theoretical texts. This book is the first volume of makkar IELTS academic readings.

4. Makkar IELTS academic reading volume second:

This book was released in 2019 and huge demand. There is a total of 60 academic reading passages. Improve your reading skills.

5.Makkar Ielts General training essays and letters:

Makkar IELTS general training essays and letters are unique books for general students. The pattern of general IELTS students is a bit different than the academic exam, and This book is one of the best books to practice essays and letters for general students. This book is a combination of articles and letters and best or students. 

6. Makkar IELTS General training readings:

This IELTS general training readings book is one of those books that are essential for practicing the reading module of the IELTS exam.

7. Makkar IETLS Speaking 2023

This PDF book contains only makkar IELTS Speaking Guesswork (Part 1, 2 and 3) for IELTS Speaking Exams.

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