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Talk about your favorite food (Part 1)

“Talk about your favorite food” is a very common topic in the IELTS Speaking test. Here is sample question/answer about this.

Talk about your favorite food

1. Do you like tasting new food?

Absolutely. I’ve always been fascinated by trying new culinary dishes. I have to admit I have quite a good sense of enjoying different kinds of food. It’s also a good way for me to test superlative ingredients to make flavorful dishes.

2. Who does the cooking in your family? Why?

Without a doubt, it’s my mom. She has a talent for cooking, so she’s always been the main cook in my family. If my mom is busy, I will help her with the cooking, but honestly, I find myself quite clumsy when mixing and matching ingredients. Her dishes are always delicious and full of flavors.

3. Are there any foods you dislike?

Well, I can’t stand food that is too oily or contains a huge amount of sugar, such as pizzas or sweets. It is not to say that I don’t eat such kinds of food. I just try not to eat too much because they’re not good for my health in the long term.

4. Did you learn how to cook when you were younger?

Definitely. I started cooking when I was in secondary school. I still remember my mom once telling me that cooking was a great way to take care of myself. At the moment, I feel so grateful for following her sound advice. I have become more independent and could save a lot of money compared to eating out.

5. Do you think Vietnamese people’s diet is healthy?

I would say that it depends. In terms of adults and the elderly, fruits and vegetables are their all-time favorites because they’re health conscious, so this is healthy. Sometimes they still enjoy meat-based dishes. Having said that, teenagers tend to prefer fast food, which contains a high level of cholesterol. This has a negative impact on their health, so you can see some young people suffering from obesity.

6. Do you have a healthy diet?

Yes, I usually consume healthy food on a daily basis because it’s crucial to help my brain function properly. I mean, eating food full of vitamins and minerals increases my memory and concentration. However, I still allow myself to enjoy junk food at parties or special events. 

7. What are some traditional foods in your country?

Well, off the top of my head, ‘Pho’ and ‘Banh mi’ are the words that I’m thinking of. They’re not only specialties in my country but also popular all over the world. What makes ‘Pho’ stand out is the broth made from chicken or beef. As for ‘Banh mi,’ it’s so affordable, and you can find it in street food vendors.

8. Let’s talk about food? What’s your favorite food?

Believe it or not, I am a big fan of Vietnamese home-cooked food, such as Braised Pork Belly and Egg or Bitter Melon Soup. They’re a great combination of basic ingredients like fish sauce and the sweetness from the pork and bitter melons themselves. Eating them with a bowl of steaming rice will help you forget all the downsides around.

Let’s see more ways to talk about the topic of Food in simple English through the following video:


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