Two-way discussion: Gifts

  • Do you enjoy giving and receiving gifts? Why or why not?
    Well, it may sound weird to you that I do not like to give or receive gifts. Receiving gifts is a bit troublesome for me. I am a bit introvert and thus I do not like to socialise much rather prefer solitude. So, when it is about receiving gifts, it refers that I have to spend more time on socialising with the other people. Besides, in return, I have also to present any gifts in some other ways and accordingly, I have to socialise again. But, if I do not receive or give gifts to or from anyone, I will have my own peace. Usually, gifts are presented in different occasions or events and if I go there, I have to gossip with people such events which are unpleasant to me.
  • Who usually gives you gifts?
    Thank you for asking. Usually, I receive gifts from my intimate people and family members. They give me different attractive gifts marking different occasions. They know me and my nature, and so when they present me anything, they usually avoid extra words with me. Most of the cases, my mom is a pioneer to give me gifts. She, most of the times arranges for everything for me and as she is well aware of my introvert nature, tries to make everything simple and trouble-free. If someone wants to present me something, they submit the gift to my mom and she gives the gift to me based on my mood.
  • Who do you give gifts to?
    Uhh! It is a bit embarrassing for me that I do not give gifts normally. But when it is a must to give gifts, I do not impede the process. I give gifts to my relatives, friends, classmates and some other intimate people of mine. Generally, I give gifts on special events or anniversaries I am invited to. But I do not attend the events or occasions rather ask my mom to convey my best regards and present the gifts. She, then, attends the invitations with my gift. But when it is about family invitation or party to any relative’s place, I attend there and most of the time I remain silent.

    •  In your country when do people usually give gifts?
    Usually, in Australia, people exchange gifts and this is a common tradition here. Gifts are mostly exchanged or offered during the Christmas Day. Besides, presenting gifts in occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, marriage or at any special events is very usual here. The people, who receive the presents, become highly glad and it is the kids who become happier when they receive the gifts in their birthdays or in other events. The adult people also become happy when they receive gifts marking any event or occasion. If any event is organised marking such an issue like birthday, marriage anniversary, or to recall any special day or event, the invited guests bring the gifts and hand them over to the host.

  • What kinds of gifts do they give?
    Well, there are no specific types of gifts are given. It mostly depends on the event type and choice of the gift provider. In most of the cases, people are invited to marriage ceremonies and they try to give gifts to the newlywed which could be useful for them to start the family. I have also seen that some of the people are presenting hard cash in envelopes. I think this is one of the best gift ideas. When it is about birthdays of kids, toys are usually presented. If the birthday is for any adult, the gifts are selected using the gender and preference of the individual who will receive.
  • Do you think gift-giving customs are different now than they were in the past? How?
    Ummm! No, I do not think so. It appears to me that everything is all the same as it was in the past. To make it clearer, let’s take an example. When people used to be invited to the marriage ceremony of their near and dear ones, they used to give gifts appropriate for the couple. By the same way, there are no changes at all in the gift items. Exchanging gifts was a tradition during the Christmas and still, the tradition is going on. The gift items might have changed a bit with the change of time but the customs have remained the same as it was before.

    •  Do you think they will change in the future? How?
    Well, you know, future is uncertain. But I think there would be no change in this process. We are living in the current age and 30 years ago, the current age would have been considered as future, right? So, if I count from the past, I am in future (based on the past) and find there are no notable changes. Thereby, I think there would be no such changes regarding the gift-giving customs and manners. But it may happen that the gift items may be improved or the old items might be replaced with the modern ones. There would be no other changes, I think.

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