Writing Task 1: The Plans Below Show the Site of an Airport

The plans below show the site of an airport now and how it will look after redevelopment next year.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Sample Essay 1

The alterations that an airport will go through in the following year are illustrated in the given layouts. Overall, it is apparent that by the next year site of the airport will have changed dramatically. The most prominent change will be the addition of a number of gates on the northernmost part of the airport.

The current layout of the airport has a cylindrical shape. There are eight gates surrounding the northern walkaway, which is in a square shape chamber. On the departure site, security and passport control are located. Just below the passport control, on the right corner, a café is available. On the western part of the departure site, check-in is placed.

By the following year, the plan of the airport will have altered sweepingly. A “Y” shape area is supposed to be developed on the north part of the airport, which it would be surrounded by 18 gates with sky trains in the middle. Shops are anticipated to be built above security and passport control. The café location will be replaced with check-in and a new facility named bag drop will be added to the previous location of check-in. On the arrival site of the future airport, passport control customs will remain unaltered, but a brand-new café, ATM, and car hire will be extended on the right side of the arrival section.

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Sample Essay 2

The blueprint gives information about an upgrade being made to Southwest airport, planned to be finished in a year.

Overall, the renovation won’t make a huge change in the main halls of the airport, where the differences are quality of life and service-oriented. The most significant redevelopment is at the boarding hall with a dramatic increase of gates.

As mentioned above, a significant difference is at the boarding hall, where ten more boarding gates are added and the whole construction is enlarged into a Y-shaped facility. Further, the simple walkway towards the gates has been upgraded to a sky train for passengers’ convenience.

Looking at the entrance to both departure and arrival halls, there have been a few additions like cafe’s, ATM, bag drop and a car hire for arrivals. In addition, there are shops added in the area after the security and passport checks, while those areas remain unchanged. 

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