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Writing Task 2: Every individual is responsible for their happiness

Many people think that every individual is responsible for their happiness, but people believe there are other external factors that influence us .

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample Answer

A highly controversial topic today relates to whether people’s gladness is under the control of their responsibility or impacted by other elements. In this essay, I am going to examine this question from both points of view and then explain why I believe the arguments for an individual charge are stronger.

There are philosophists who are of the opinion that the individual role is the main factor influencing their own happiness. The major reason for believing this is that gladness is a kind of emotion when the brain is sacrificed by a certain matter and this person is the one who decides his or her level of demand in their mind. It is also possible to say that human is the centre which controls their desire. A particularly good example here is meditation and yoga are fantastic manners to balance the human mind so more and more people around the world tend to learn these methods to achieve happiness.

On the other hand, other experts are convinced that external factors such as family, love or career play a crucial role in individual pleasure. It is often argued that no one can reach true joy alone but they have to share it with their close-knit ones. A second point is that life is a series of interactions so people can not live without communication with others. One good illustration of this is soft skill classes are found to help learners reflect on external elements to acquire their balance in society.

In conclusion, I believe both arguments have their merits. On balance, however, I feel that happiness is impacted by both external and internal. This is why humans always have to find a way to control themself in order to react correctly to their surrounding environment.

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