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Writing Task 2: Major cities in the world are growing fast, as well as their problems

Writing Task 2:

Major cities in the world are growing fast, as well as their problems. What are the problems that young people living in those cities are facing? Suggest some solutions.

Sample Answer: Band 7+

Big cities around the world are facing many problems these days due to their rapid expansion. The following essay will discuss some of the problems that young people in those cities are facing and some potential solutions to those issues.

Firstly, big cities are becoming more and more expensive to live in, and most young people are struggling to cope with the rising cost of living. Many young people are students living on meagre budgets, or recent graduates with low-paying jobs, and cannot afford the high costs of housing, transport, and food in big cities. To counter this problem, I believe that governments should move universities out of large cities into smaller cities where the cost of living is much more affordable. This will also help to reduce the demand for housing in large cities and therefore make it more affordable for recent graduates and others struggling to get by on a low salary.

Poor mental health is another big issue that many young people are dealing with in large cities these days. Students need to cope with overwhelming study schedules, whilst recent graduates struggle to compete with one another to climb the career ladder and become financially stable in order to start a family. These situations create a lot of stress on young people and can lead to serious mental health problems if left unresolved. To help deal with these issues, governments need to help promote a culture where young people regularly take part in stress-relieving activities, and create an awareness of mental health issues amongst young people before they develop serious problems such as anxiety, depression, or suicidal tendencies.

In conclusion, young people are facing many problems whilst trying to live in large cities, and there are several feasible solutions mentioned above to help curb these issues.

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