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Writing Task 2: Some countries invest in specialized sports facilities for top athletes but not for the average people

Writing Task 2

Some countries invest in specialized sports facilities for top athletes but not for the average people.

Is this a positive or negative development?

It is true that some countries support professional athletes by investing in dedicated sports facilities such as gymnasiums, fitness diagnostics centers and training camps, though this privilege does not extend to everyday people. In my mind, this development is generally desirable, though ideally everyone should receive equal attention on matters of fitness and sports.

Admittedly, equal access to specialized sports venues can bring about some benefits. The most immediate benefit is to overall public health. Once people are given access to professional gymnasiums irrespective of their training goals – whether it would be to compete or for its own sake – they are more driven to do exercise. This is followed by gains in their personal health. Having cultivated a culture of fitness and health this way, a country will see general health levels of its citizen rise. Creation of sports halls for public use would also ensure equality of opportunity. That is, the government can level the playing field by giving everyone an equal chance to train and discover their athletic potential. This way, people’s athletic talents will not go untapped.

I, however, would argue that governments should continue investing in specialized sports facilities for competitive athletes. This is because athletes stand better a chance of winning when they can train at a dedicated training venue as their training is made efficient with the help of special equipment such as treadmills and workout machines. Efficiency in training gives athletes an edge over their opponents, enabling them to win. Winning in world tournaments, in turn, will bring a country world recognition. Besides, specialized training facilities might have limited uses for the common man. Given the fact that one can reach a reasonable level of fitness without special equipment, everyday people can do bodyweight workout or use free outdoor facilities to improve their physical condition. In this sense, it might be a waste of resources to subsidize sports facilities for the public.

In conclusion, the fact that some countries prioritize investment for their top athletes over that for average citizens is, to my mind, a change for the better since it bolsters their reputation in terms of sports as well as helping them avoid unnecessary spending.

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