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Writing Task 2: Some think that private companies should pay for cleaning up pollution

Some think that private companies should pay for cleaning up pollution, while others say it is the government’s responsibility.

Discuss and state your own opinion.

Sample Answer

In this ambitious world, protecting our universe from pollution should be a priority. Despite who is responsible for it, everyone should be involved. Some people believe that non-government companies should assist in this cleaning, while others believe it is the government’s role. Although both views have merit, In my opinion,eventually, it is the ministry’s responsibility.Whoever, the forthcoming paragraphs will elaborate more on both views by using lucid examples.

Firstly, private companies as well should be involved in picking up the mess.Indeed corruption is not only a governmental issue but it is also caused by these private owners. For example, car factories in the last decades, as per the latest statistics, are responsible for more than 10% of air corruption. Furthermore, since they are in the same country, it is essential to help even if they are not involved, because in the end, not only it is affecting governmental factories, but on contrary, it is affecting everyone. So, it is their responsibility as well, to work on decreasing the causes of this aspect.

Besides, In every country, there is a ministry responsible for protecting the environment, thus, it is the authority’s main liability. For instance, some nations, have a ministry of health, which is responsible for protecting the residents from any diseases, such as lung and cancer diseases, hence they are always setting up meetings to solve air pollution issues. Moreover, authorities start to rely on green technology to decrease CO2 emissions which are considered to be the main cause of this issue. Eventually, more solutions are being tested to finally implement in the near future.

To sum up, despite the fact that private companies are sometimes not involved in causing this issue, and paying taxes to the politics to solve these problems, they should be involved somehow, but, apart from that, since folks are paying taxes, it is the authorities main liability to figure out solutions to clean up the mess.

Total: 321 words

Overall Band Score : 9.0


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