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Writing Task 2: Topic Education

Recent actual test 04/2023

Some people believe teenagers should focus on all subjects equally, whereas other people think that they should concentrate on only those subjects that they find interesting.

Type: Discussion essay

Keywords: focus on all subjects, concentrate on only those subjects, interesting

Sample Answer

Some individuals suggest that teenagers should give equal attention to all subjects, while others argue that they should prioritize the subjects that they find most engaging. While there are advantages to both views, I believe that teenagers should focus on all subjects equally.

On the one hand, allowing students to decide what they want to learn shows respect for individual freedom and therefore leads to greater engagement and understanding of the subject. When a topic piques their interest, teenagers are more likely to engage with the material and achieve a deeper grasp as well as better academic performance. For instance, a student with a strong interest in literature is inclined to read more books, analyze them in detail, and perhaps even compose essays on the topics they raise. Such interest and enthusiasm can blossom into a lifelong passion for learning, which will undoubtedly bring about far-reaching advantages in a person’s life. 

While it is essential for young people to be permitted to pursue their interests, it is also necessary for them to receive a well-rounded education. Studying multiple courses can help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to pursue future education and career prospects that match their interests and abilities. For instance, a student who succeeds in math and physics could develop a passion for engineering or technology, whereas a student who excels in languages and social sciences might discover a calling in law or public service. Additionally, a well-rounded education may assist young people develop a broader perspective on the world, leading to better empathy and understanding for various perspectives. This is particularly essential in today’s globalized society, where cross-cultural communication and cooperation are becoming increasingly critical. 

In conclusion, although there are reasonable arguments on both sides of the debate, I believe that young people should devote equal time to all subjects.

Estimate: 7.0


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