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Writing Task 2: Topic Education

Some people believe that schoolchildren should do their class work individually. Other people believe that sometimes class works should be done in small groups.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sample Answer

It is argued by some that students at school should do their class assignments individually, while others think that they should sometimes be divided into small groups for doing so. I personally agree with the latter.

Completing tasks assigned in the school individually offers two main advantages. One is that schoolchildren learn to become independent. When a physics teacher gives a solo task of solving an equation or a text problem, a student tends to think for themselves and not to rely on others for help. This, in turn, proves particularly useful in life when these students apply to universities and later for a job. Secondly, it is easier to gather concentration for individual tasks than for collective ones. The reason for this is that group work normally involves exchanging ideas, arguing and reaching a common ground, all of which might shift the focus of those involved. For these reasons, it might seem better to work alone on classroom tasks.

That notwithstanding, I would argue that working in a team for class tasks is far more beneficial. Firstly, learners realize that collaboration is the key to success and that many minds are a lot better than just one. For example, a group of three or four students can more swiftly and accurately find a solution to a complex math problem, as each approaches the given task from a different perspective. This method of classroom management is also likely to be more effective. More often than not, educators place a mix of low- and high-achievers in a group, thereby ensuring better knowledge acquisition because they help one another. As a result, teachers and students alike are likely to be content with the results achieved.

In conclusion, some might put forward that doing class tasks individually is more advantageous than group work, for it teaches independence and fosters better concentration. I, however, support those who favor group-based learning, not only because participants learn how to move as a team, but also because those lagging behind receive some help.

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