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Writing Task 2: Way to raise children

Some parents buy their children whatever they ask for, and allow their children to do whatever they want.

Is this a good way to raise children?

What consequences could this style of parenting have for children as they get older?

Sample Answer:

It is true that some parents are quick to please their children and allow them leeway in their behavior. I personally consider this parental approach to be unwise, as it can have some negative implications for a child’s future.

The parenting style in question should generally be avoided for two reasons. The most evident problem with having no restrictions as a child is the possibility of a child’s being spoiled. Children whose wishes are granted unconditionally often become pampered and develop an inflated sense of superiority. This, in turn, makes them ungrateful and fussy children. Additionally, allowing children excessive autonomy in their conduct creates chances for developing bad habits. When unsupervised and unguided, children may be exposed to bad influences on the Internet such as explicit and violent content. They are also at risk of being involved with school bullies and gangs. In no way can a parenting style be justified if it does not involve any amount of supervision.

Having explored some problems with this so-called “free” parenting style, it is important to discuss how it can impact a child’s future. First of all, children who receive excessive attention and enjoy complete freedom are likely to have difficulties as adults. This is because when children are constantly appeased by their parents and never questioned, they develop a frivolous attitude. Care-free children, in turn, dismiss their future studies and job, without which they will experience financial hardships when they are legally independent. More concerning is the possibility of a child growing to become an anti-social individual. Because some parents do not hold their children accountable and make them abide by rules and societal norms, children become ill-behaved. In some extreme cases, poor supervision reinforces criminal behavior in children, which makes them would-be offenders.

In conclusion, parental approach involving excessive pleasing and no supervision is undesirable seeing as it sets children up for failure as an adult and makes them prone to immoral behavior.

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