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A visit you made using public transpor

You should say:

  1. When was it
  2. Where did you go
  3. Who was with you
  4. How did you feel about the public transport
  5. Did you face any problems


● In our day­to­day life we visit many places for various purposes

● Sometimes we use our own vehicle and sometimes we use public transport

● Normally when I have to go somewhere near then I use car but for distant places I use public transport

● Here I am going to talk about a visit for which I used public transport.

● Actually, last month, I went to Jaipur Rajasthan with my family.


● This time we used bus for going to Jaipur

● There is a tour operator company near my hometown known as Express Travels

● My father booked this tour through them.

● There were 12 other families with us.

● It was vacation time and so children were also there with their parents.

● We boarded the bus at 7 am.

● On the way we enjoyed a lot.

● I made many friends and we played antakshri.

● The bus made three halts on the way to Jaipur.

● We straightened our legs and had refreshments at those stops.

● The bus was an AC coach and was very comfortable.

● There was also an LCD in the bus and we saw the movie Sargi

● We reached Jaipur at 7 pm.

● We stayed at hotel Gangaur which was a very nice hotel.

● We saw the Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, The City Palace and many other places.

● One whole day we had reserved for shopping.

● My mother bought some Jaipuri quilts and I bought some lakh jewellery.

● As it was a package holiday, we enjoyed with the other families and made many friends.

● I still have good friends from that trip and we are in touch with each other through facebook.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions

1. In what ways can we fix traffic problems?

There are multiple solutions to fix the traffic problems. Firstly, we can reduce the number of private vehicles on the roads by promoting public transport and carpooling solution. Secondly the governments can widen the existing road infrastructure and implement stricter laws so that people obey the traffic rules

2. Is it fair to limit the use of cars?

Yes the use of cars should be limited as cars are one of the biggest sources of pollution which is causing diseases like asthma. Moreover limiting the number of cars will also help in solving problems like traffic jams etc

3. Should governments encourage people to use public transport?

Yes governments should motivate people to use public and shared transport as it will beneficial for the environment and will also help in preserving our natural resources

4. What is the most popular means of transportation in your country?

The most popular means of transportation in my country is public transport like bus as India is a developing country and not all people have their own private vehicles

5. Do you prefer public or private transportation? Why?

Well it depends on the situation, if I am getting late for an important event then I prefer private transport, in all other situations, I try to use public transport as it is good for our environment and it is also a less expensive or pocket friendly option.

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