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Band 8.5 IELTS Writing Task 1 Recent Test

The diagram below shows the production of olive oil.

Sample Answer 1

The diagram illustrates the process by which olive oil is produced.

Overall, this is a step-by-step process that is comprised of seven stages, from the harvesting of the mature fruit from olive trees, to the packaging and sale of the finished product.

Initially, ripe olives are harvested from trees by farmers and then taken to a rinsing machine where they are washed in cold water. After being rinsed, the olives are transferred via conveyor belt to another machine which grinds the olives to separate the fruit from the seeds. During this stage, the olives are ground into a paste, and the olive stones are removed.

The olive paste is then placed in a type of perforated bag before being put through a pressing machine, followed by another process where any excess water is separated from the oil. And finally, the olive oil is packaged and delivered to shops where it can be sold.

(153 word)

Sample Answer 2

The given diagram illustrates the production of olive oil from its tree. Overall, the manufacturing process consists of 7 steps. Olive stones and water need to be extracted after the smashing and separating process.

First, the olive has to collect from trees and sent to a process called rinsing, where these olives need to wash with cold water. After that, it has to send through the belt for smashing. The smashing process is vital for this production because it differentiates paste and stones. Nevertheless, only the paste goes for further process, and olive stones are removed.

Moreover, the pastes keep to the bag with the number of holes and go for pressing. Then, the further process is the separating where oil and water are separated. Again, water has been removed, and oil remains there. Finally, oil is stored in the storeroom and sent to different places via means of transportation for sale.

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