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Makkar IELTS Speaking Jan to Apr 2024 Final Version [PDF]

Hello IELTS Aspirants, We know you have been waiting since long for the latest Makkar IELTS book for Makkar IELTS Jan to Apr 2024 . Don’t worry here it is. Find the Makkar IELTS Jan to Apr 2024  PDF free download on our website. As we all know that the speaking module is one of the most important parts of the IELTS course.


This PDF book contains only makkar IELTS Speaking Guesswork (Part 1, 2 and 3) for Jan to Apr 2024 IELTS Speaking Exams.

Sep to Dec 2023 Cue Cards are still important so please keep studying them as well.

Preview some topics:

1. Describe a person you know who likes to talk a lot.

2. Describe a place where you would like to go to relax. (FUTURE TENSE)

3. Describe a long- term goal you would like to achieve.

4. Describe a uniform you wear (at your school or company) or you wore at school

5. Describe a sportsperson/athlete that you admire

6. Describe a job you would not like to do in the future

7. Describe an interesting conversation you had with a very old person.

8. Describe a period when you were busy.

9. Describe a time when you used a map.

10. Describe a time you successfully did something difficult.

11. Describe a situation when you helped someone.

12. Describe an occasion when someone or something made noise. .

13. Describe something in your country that you are interested in

14. Describe something you do regularly that helps you work and study better.

15. Describe a photo that you took and are proud of

16. Describe a useful object in your home that you can’t live without.

17. Describe a film you watched or Describe a film that impressed you a lot.

18. Describe an unusual holiday you had.

19. Describe something that you picked up that was thrown by someone else.

20. Describe a person who is good at making people feel welcome in his/her home

21. Describe a skill that you learned in your childhood

22. Describe an exciting activity that you experienced with someone else

23. Describe a successful person who you once studied or worked with

24. Describe a park or a garden in your city

25. Describe a beautiful city

26. Describe a difficult task that you completed at work/study that you felt proud of

27. Describe a time that something changed your life in good ways

28. Describe an interesting person that you have not met in person and would like to know more about

29. Describe a foreigner who speaks your native language (hindi) very well

Describe a person who always has interesting ideas or opinions

31. Describe a successful businessperson you know

32. Describe an area of science (biology, robotics, etc.) that you are interested in and would like to learn more about

33. Describe a drawing/painting that you like

34. Describe a piece of good advice that you gave to someone

35. Describe a rule that is important in your school or at work

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