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Describe a contest/competition you would like to take part in

IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a contest/competition you would like to take part in

Sample Answer

To be honest, I am by no means a competitive person, let alone taking part in a competition. I tend to do things at my own pace, without others meddling or judging my work, so I always try to avoid taking part in contests. However, theoretically, if I were to join in a competition, I would love to challenge myself with The Voice – a singing talent finding reality show on TV.

This show originated in America, and it’s been participated in over 50 countries globally, making it one of, if not, the most popular singing contest out there.

The reason why I chose this specific contest is that I believe I have a decent singing ability. I don’t know how you and others would judge it, but from my experience watching that show, I’d say I have a pretty good shot. Other talent shows such as American Idol and The X Factor rely heavily not only on singing talent, but they also deal with appearance, charisma, and many other aspects, while this show doesn’t. What matters the most is the contestant’s voice. That’s why I’d love to take part in it.

As I’ve indirectly suggested, I am pretty reserved when it comes to my ability, which means if I were to take part in this contest, I would have to build up my confidence a lot, as well as hone my singing skills. Of course, I would be terrified at first. even somewhat frightened by the experience, but with proper practice, I believe I could overcome that fear.


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